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Celebrate the History of the Oscars and Vintage Fashion

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This past Sunday marked the 2015 Academy Awards, where many talented actors, actresses, producers, directors, and more hope to walk away with the coveted Oscar. The very first Academy Awards were held in 1929, and it’s clear to see they’ve grown bigger every year since then. Aside from wanting to see all of the films before Oscar Sunday so you can weigh in on the nominations, what most people live for now is the fashion. From the Red Carpet to the presenters, performers, and nominees, this is the night to shine! This week we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite looks over the past 87 years.… Read more

Gia Genevieve Shows Off in Secrets and Lace!

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If you’ve been keeping up with us on Facebook, you may have seen the exciting news that one of our favorite models and fashion bloggers, Gia Genevieve, was the cover for the March issue of Playboy! Gia has been a model for years, and always brings something spicy, beautiful, and sexy to the table. Her pin-up style is flawless and we love when she wears some of our products. This week we decided to have a little “Gia Tribute” and look at some of our favorite looks of hers.


Here she is wearing the Lolita Bra. That sheer cup is recognizable almost anywhere!… Read more

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Can Save The Day!

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As always there’s a ton of hype surrounding Valentine’s Day this year, and it’s pretty hard to avoid. Not only does that mean being bombarded by candy hearts and chocolates at every check-out line, but also you have no excuse to forget the holiday! That’s right fellas, we’re looking at you! We’ve done a post earlier on some great ideas to give to your lady this Valentine’s Day, and we’re following up with a second post for more inspiration before time runs out!

Two things that every woman who loves vintage fashion needs are a pair of fully fashioned vintage stockings, and a garter belt to hold them up!… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Dorothy Dandridge

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Want some more inspiration from some of our favorite vintage ladies? This week, we’re profiling Dorothy Dandridge. Not only was Dorothy and beautiful actress, singer, and dancer, but she was also the first African American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award. From getting her start acting on stage alongside her family members, to starring in hits on the silver screen in Hollywood, Dandridge certainly made an impact on the entertainment industry–and looked great doing it!


Born in 1922, Dorothy Dandridge grew up in Ohio with her mother and performer Ruby, and her sister Vivian. Dorothy and Vivian acted in a theater number called the Wonder Child and toured for a total of five years.… Read more

Sexy Slips for Valentine’s Day with Secrets in Lace

It’s not too late to start your shopping for Valentine’s Day–on today’s blog we’re going to share some great pieces for you to show off to your significant other on this romantic holiday. We have tons of options for all of your style preferences, so whether you’re a true romantic, show-stopper, girly-girl, or just vintage obsessed, there is definitely a glam look for everyone out there this Valentine’s Day!   If you’re looking for something classic and romantic, check out our wonderful selection of slips.

Dominique Slip in Red

The Dominique Full Slip is a piece that work for you for years to come, this is a look that will never be out of style!… Read more

Some Of Our Favorite Models Wearing Secrets in Lace!

If you follow our Facebook page, you most likely get to see us being able to repost some lovely pictures from models in the industry. These ladies are entertainers and full-time eye candy! Today we’re showcasing three women that have done an excellent job of showing off our products as well as captivating audiences all over the world.

Gia Genevieve is a model and fashion blogger. Her insane curves and luscious lips capture pretty much anyone’s attention. And then you go and put her in some fabulous lingerie and you won’t be able to look away. While she’s been seen in a number of other designers, Secrets in Lace appears quite frequently.… Read more

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with Secrets in Lace!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Hard to believe we have another holiday coming up, but you have to make sure you’re on top of your game for this one. Today’s blog is for everyone out there who wants to buy something extra-special for their extra-special lady. But we know it can be hard to decide, after all there’s so many great options. We’ll take a look at three different looks from soft and snuggly, to sexy and seductive, there’s definitely a combination that your lady will love.

If you want to get something sexy and cute but aren’t quite ready for picking out a full ensemble, you can’t go wrong with a bra and panty set, or even a flirty babydoll.… Read more

Vintage Fashion Icons: Carmen Dell’Orefice

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On our blog we love to showcase actors, models, photographers, and designers who have given up inspiration in the world of vintage fashion. We also love to discover modern day models who wear the fashions from the past so well. Today, we’re doing a little bit of both! Carmen Dell’Orefice started modeling in 1946 and is still active today! Keep reading to learn about her ups and downs in the industry and take a look at some of her most amazing fashion shots.


Despite the idea that many models live a fabulous lifestyle, Dell’Orefice grew up in a family that struggled financially, to put it nicely.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Cary Grant

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We’re getting back in the swing of things for 2015, and we thought there was no better way to start than with a vintage profile of one of our favorite celebrities from the past. This week, we’re choosing Cary Grant. Not only is he considered one of Hollywood’s most memorable actors, but he also had fantastic style which many men envied and many women lusted over.


Grant started his early career on Broadway performing under the name Archie Leach, and then he made the move to Hollywood in 1931. It was then that he needed to switch to a different stage name, and so “Cary Grant” was created.… Read more

Ring in the New Year with Some Classic Products from Secrets In Lace!

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Christmas and Hanukkah have passed, next stop– New Years! This one night becomes extra special as we get to say goodbye to 2014, and get excited for what 2015 has to bring. Now if you thought holiday parties were fun, they’re usually just a warm-up for sparkling and star studded New Year’s bashes. Whether you’ll be watching the ball drop in Times Square, at a friend’s party, hitting the town, or enjoying the night quietly by yourself, there’s undergarments, accessories, and loungewear to help you do it all in style.

One of our favorite garments, especially for parties, is our selection of crinolines and petticoats.… Read more