Secrets In Lace works hard to keep romance alive in the modern world. We’re inspired by all things vintage — from our authentic stockings to our vintage lingerie.  We are the exclusive designers of the Bettie Page Lingerie Collection, the Dita Von Teese Nylon Stocking Collection and have the exclusive Rago Shapewear Salon.

Keep up with this blog for news, vintage inspiration, and tips to incorporate some more romance into your lingerie drawer.


A Last Minute Gift List From Secrets In Lace!

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Procrastinators listen up! It’s not too late to start your holiday shopping! Even though holidays like Christmas are less than two weeks away, you could still have time to get your gift delivered in time for the 25th. And we bet even if it’s a few days late that your recipient will still be more than happy to open something. This week, we’re focusing on some of our most loved sets that you can gift to the special person in your life. Check out these three fabulous options below.

Our Bettie Page sets are a longstanding favorite of our customers. And there’s no better way to make a statement like Bettie would than in the Bettie Leopard sets.… Read more

5 Secrets in Lace Pieces To Help You Create the Perfect Holiday Style

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Have the holidays been stressing you out? Even though it’s a season about giving, being grateful, and reconnecting with family, friends, and loved ones, there’s no doubt that it can be almost as hectic as it is fun. While we can’t do all your family’s Christmas shopping for you, we can at least make sure you look as put together as possible anytime you have a holiday gathering. Keep reading to see which five great Secrets in Lace items you need to make it through the season in style!

Stockings, of course. But which ones? There’s no better time than a holiday party or large family dinner to show off your favorite pair.… Read more

Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Secrets in Lace Gifts For Any Size

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Ready for the holiday rush? Today on the blog we’re featuring a gift guide for you to follow if you’re hoping to buy beautiful lingerie for that special someone in your life. Buying the right type and size in these garments can be kind of tricky, so today, we’re showing some great picks that are easier for beginners to buy. Keep reading the following weeks to see what more experienced lingerie shoppers can purchase as well.


So, you don’t know her bra size, or her waist size. Maybe you don’t even know her height. That’s totally fine! Many loungewear items and retro accessories can be purchased without knowing someone else’s specific measurements.… Read more

Classic Films: “Mary Poppins” Turns 50!

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Two of our favorite celebrities from the old Hollywood era have a very big celebration to pay tribute to. Both Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke starred in the well-known Disney film, Mary Poppins. It is remembered as a family favorite that portrays many elements of classic style and a storyline that never gets old. Can you believe that Mary Poppins is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary? Back in 1964 the film debuted and combined both animation and real life, a masterpiece for it’s time! Today, we’re remembering this vintage favorite, and some fun facts that you may not have known.… Read more

5 Holiday Essentials from Secrets in Lace

It’s never too soon to start preparing for the holidays. That could include purchasing gifts for others, making a wish list of your own, or simply stocking up on all the essentials you’ll need for the upcoming holiday gatherings. This week we’re sharing some of our most loved items that you’ll want to have ready to slip into whether that’s a family dinner, elegant date, or a lively New Year’s party–these picks will ensure that you’re never without the proper undergarments and you’ll always be rocking fabulous vintage details.

Stockings are a no-brainer for holiday essentials, but which ones to wear?… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Claudine Auger

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When you think of vintage starlets, you normally think of those glamorous and unforgettable faces from Hollywood who possess the quintessential red carpet look of fame. Although we love ladies like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Audrey Hepburn, is there anything as sexy as a Bond Girl? There have been over 20 James Bond movies, and not one of them is without the infamous Bond Girl by his side. This week were talking about Claudine Auger, the French actress and pageant winner, but most notably remembered for her role in the James Bond film, Thunderball.

Auger was born and raised in France, and attended the Paris Drama Conservatory where she received her training in acting.… Read more

Vintage Style Files: The Romance of Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn

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As you may know, Secrets in Lace’s slogan is to “Keep the Romance Alive!”. And with beautiful vintage lingerie, loungewear, and an overall appreciation for the finer things, we like to think we can help you do just that. But its always worth taking a look back at some of the greatest romances of all time, and some of our favorite vintage couples. This week, we’re profiling the romance of Jessica Tandy, and Hume Cronyn.

Both Jessica and Hume were actors; Hume being a top Canadian screen and stage actor, and Jessica who was born in London but spent the majority of her career in the United States.… Read more

New Arrivals At Secrets in Lace: The Gloria Collection

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It’s that time of year again! Secrets in Lace showed off some amazing pieces this past weekend in Lingerie Fashion Week. I mean really, is there any event that sounds as good as that? Even though most of those pieces are for Spring and Summer Collections, we still have a brand new look to bring you from the Gloria Collection. So now you can stock up on some of our newest arrivals available to buy, and make every week your own personal lingerie fashion week.

The Gloria Full Cup Bra was one of the first items we introduced to you last season from the Gloria Collection.… Read more

Classic Panties by Secrets in Lace

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The statement “less is more” could not be more fitting for our love of lingerie. This week were profiling our favorite types of panties, and also showing you what other garments they go best with. From high waisted, to thongs, to a classic brief, were conducting a panty raid this week–make sure yours are the best in town!

High waisted panties are great to wear under your favorite pair of slacks or as part of a loungewear outfit. We have some great new options including our Dotted Sheer Panty, the Ruffle Trim Panty, and the Pleated Panty. The Dotted pair have a fabulous swiss dot embellishment which adds a fun retro vibe.… Read more

How To Wear Black Lace Gloves Like a Hollywood Starlet

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With all our new arrivals rolling in, its impossible not to get excited about it all! From gloves, to panties, to new loungewear, and stockings, there is definitely something for everyone. One that we’re especially excited about are our new Black Lace Gloves. These come in two lengths, but sometimes it can still be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into your outfit, especially for streetwear. On this week’s blog we’re pulling some inspiration from the past to see how women of previous decades rocked this fashion, and what types of events you can wear them to.

First, we’ll show off our most loved new product, the Black Lace Glove in the over the elbow length, as well as the shorter wrist length.… Read more