Secrets In Lace works hard to keep romance alive in the modern world. We’re inspired by all things vintage — from our authentic stockings to our vintage lingerie.  We are the exclusive designers of the Dita Von Teese Nylon Stocking Collection and have the exclusive Rago Shapewear Salon.

Keep up with this blog for news, vintage inspiration, and tips to incorporate some more romance into your lingerie drawer.


The Hostess With a Vintage Flare!

Are you planning on hosting your own holiday party? We all love the classic image of a hostess dressed in her holiday dress decorating the table and the Christmas tree to the sound of a Bing Crosby record. This week we’re going to bask in a little holiday nostalgia and show you how to get that classic holiday party look and feel.

Let’s start off with how you can set the mood for your party. The easiest ways to give your home and party a boost of Christmas spirit is play some classic Christmas music and light a holiday candle.… Read more

I’m Dreaming of White Lingerie!

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,” so dream of snow white lingerie this Christmas! Because of all the layers you have to wear, winter is the perfect time of year to try out some white lingerie. If you don’t know what kind of lingerie to get, we’re here to help! Whether you are looking for a new bra or just looking for some holiday ready shapewear, why not try it in white?

This week we’re starting from the bottom up! Here is our Signature RHT! These beautiful stockings are made from 100% nylon. Each stocking is made with a thick welt that is a different color from the stocking, giving this piece even more depth and beauty.… Read more

1950′s Thanksgiving Day

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This Thanksgiving, let’s go back to 1950’s! Think of the vintage oranges and yellows that your mother used to decorate the house with, or the nice tablecloth that you only used for special occasions. The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven and all the pies your mother had made throughout the day. This week we are taking a moment to bring back all those memories as well as the traditions of a classic Thanksgiving Day.

Before we talk about the cooking, let’s set the mood with a classically laid table. For the holidays, we love vintage china featuring chartreuse, orange and green colors.… Read more

Vintage Winter Fashion

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With winter fast approaching, we really are excited to see you all in some vintage winter wear. This week we decided to give you a boost of inspiration from the always stylish 1950’s! We are talking about long wool coats, adorable princess coats, cute hats, and gorgeous long gloves.

Let’s talk about one of the most iconic piece of winter fashion: the full coat. These pieces of fashion history are still popular today. These coats were called multiple names and came in a wide array of shapes. We are going to talk about the long swing coat, the princess coat, the box coat, and the variety in between.… Read more

White Winter Lingerie

November is truly a magical month. The weather starts getting colder which means it is cold enough to wear our favorite foundation pieces! This week we are going to share with you shapewear that is perfect to combine with your existing collection and some of our favorite pieces that are just wonderful to have all year round.

Our Sophisticated Strapless Longline is the bra that can be paired with any number of garter belts, waist cinchers, corsets, and more! This piece is sexy and elegant all in one. The light boning will help you achieve a beautiful vintage silhouette and the smooth satin will feel amazing on your skin.… Read more

Classic Halloween Treats!

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We hope you have enjoyed planning for your spooky Halloween night with us as much as we have. We have given you activities to do with your friends and family using as little technology as possible! To keep with this theme we are going to give you a couple fun recipe to create the perfect Halloween. Today we’re teaching you how to make the classics like pumpkin pie, caramel apples, and popcorn balls!

This week we thought we would change up our blogs by adding fun videos to show you how to make some of your favorite childhood treats! We understand the issues that we all face when trying to follow a few words on a screen, so we though these videos would be better.… Read more

Retro Halloween Treats and Deeds

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Halloween is just over a week away! Last week we had fun picking out our pumpkins, this week we are letting you have some fun with some old fashioned Halloween themed snacks and games.


Once you have gutted and carved your beautiful pumpkins, you’ll be left with all these pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are a great way to make sure you got your money’s worth out of a single vegetable. These treats can be made sweet or savory, like flavored popcorn or Chex Mix. Here are some recipes that are simple and fun to make with your family.… Read more

Vintage Halloween Fun!

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Are you looking to relive the Halloween of your childhood? That time when no one had cell phones and kids played in fall leaves, just a good old time! We at Secrets in Lace not only want to help achieve vintage style but really appreciate the lifestyle of the 1950’s. We’ve decided for the rest of the month of October to some fun, simple, and easy ways for you and your family to enjoy a retro Halloween!

The leaves are falling and the weather is getting cooler, so what better way to enjoy the season than by going to a pumpkin patches?… Read more

Try Pinup for Halloween!

Have you ever wanted to dress like a classic pinup? Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with new shapes and silhouettes, so why try a true classic? We can help you achieve a pinup figure from bra to stockings. If you have ever wanted to own some fun vintage inspired pieces we have those too. Try these pieces out for a fabulous Halloween costume: you might just love how you look and feel so much that you will wear them all the time.

Let’s start off with a classic bullet bra! Our Coquette Satin Bullet Bra is simply stunning.… Read more

Playboy Bunny: History and Costume

We are just days away from Halloween! So in the spirit of the season, we are going to give you a little back story to an iconic uniform. The Playboy Bunny Uniform.


Everyone over the age of 16 has probably heard of the Playboy Bunny. This company was founded in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. The first issue of the magazine, sold for fifty cents a copy, was printed later that year and featured the very famous and beautiful Marilyn Monroe. There was over fifty thousand total copies sold! This gave the company the momentum it needed to create a unique brand and experience.… Read more