Secrets In Lace works hard to keep romance alive in the modern world. We’re inspired by all things vintage — from our authentic stockings to our vintage lingerie.  We are the exclusive designers of the Bettie Page Lingerie Collection, the Dita Von Teese Nylon Stocking Collection and have the exclusive Rago Shapewear Salon.

Keep up with this blog for news, vintage inspiration, and tips to incorporate some more romance into your lingerie drawer.


New Arrivals At Secrets in Lace: The Gloria Collection

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It’s that time of year again! Secrets in Lace showed off some amazing pieces this past weekend in Lingerie Fashion Week. I mean really, is there any event that sounds as good as that? Even though most of those pieces are for Spring and Summer Collections, we still have a brand new look to bring you from the Gloria Collection. So now you can stock up on some of our newest arrivals available to buy, and make every week your own personal lingerie fashion week.

The Gloria Full Cup Bra was one of the first items we introduced to you last season from the Gloria Collection.… Read more

Classic Panties by Secrets in Lace

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The statement “less is more” could not be more fitting for our love of lingerie. This week were profiling our favorite types of panties, and also showing you what other garments they go best with. From high waisted, to thongs, to a classic brief, were conducting a panty raid this week–make sure yours are the best in town!

High waisted panties are great to wear under your favorite pair of slacks or as part of a loungewear outfit. We have some great new options including our Dotted Sheer Panty, the Ruffle Trim Panty, and the Pleated Panty. The Dotted pair have a fabulous swiss dot embellishment which adds a fun retro vibe.… Read more

How To Wear Black Lace Gloves Like a Hollywood Starlet

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With all our new arrivals rolling in, its impossible not to get excited about it all! From gloves, to panties, to new loungewear, and stockings, there is definitely something for everyone. One that we’re especially excited about are our new Black Lace Gloves. These come in two lengths, but sometimes it can still be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into your outfit, especially for streetwear. On this week’s blog we’re pulling some inspiration from the past to see how women of previous decades rocked this fashion, and what types of events you can wear them to.

First, we’ll show off our most loved new product, the Black Lace Glove in the over the elbow length, as well as the shorter wrist length.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Lucille Ball

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Vintage celebrities weren’t just known for their amazing sense of fashion, and their latest romantic endeavours–their talent in the industry was also just as important. And when it comes to one of the leaders in comedy in the entertainment industry, look no further than Lucille Ball. The star of I Love Lucy, as well as some of the spin off sitcoms including Life with Lucy, Here’s Lucy, and The Lucy Show, she certainly made a name for herself. However like most celebrities, she started out with modeling and trying to make it on Broadway. Originally, Lucille Ball went by the stage name Diane Belmont.… Read more

Vintage Icon: Patrick Demarchelier

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This week on the blog, we’re going to spotlight another famous photographer who has produced some of our favorite and most inspirational vintage photos. From shooting with friends to fashion photography to various advertising campaigns, today we are excited to talk about the life and career of photographer Patrick Demarchelier.


Demarchelier was born outside Paris and spent his earlier years doing freelance photography, even working at a local photo shop shooting passport pictures! However his work quickly gained attention of larger corporations such as Elle and Marie Claire magazines. He also received a helping hand when he became an assistant for famed photographer Hans Feurer who was known for his work with Vogue.… Read more

New Fall Favorites at Secrets in Lace!

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A new season of fashion trends is upon us, and with that we will have some great new arrivals rolling in to the store. But of course some of our tried and true garments will also remain our favorites. Today on the blog, check out some of our new garments that pair perfectly together, as well as a few classics that will seamlessly transition you into fall fashion in both your streetwear and lingerie collection.

Pleated Babydoll by Secrets in Lace

Who doesn’t love a good babydoll? the Hollywood Pleated Babydoll is our newest design and is made to match the Pleated Panty (keep reading for more of that!).… Read more

Vintage Fashion Icon: Hedy Lamarr

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There’s nothing like an American beauty, but the exotic look of European ladies never fails to make us melt either. This week we’re featuring Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian born beauty who started with a film career in Europe and then moved on to take over Hollywood as well.  Her first film was titled Ecstasy which was shot in the Czech Republic, if you haven’t heard about her jaw-dropping performance in that one, we suggest you check it out! I mean, how could you resist a movie poster like this?


But how did the West Coast start to hear of her?… Read more

Vintage Icon: Sid Avery

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We’ve profiled vintage models, actors, performers, and designers, but there is a third component that we’d like to highlight this week. The photographers! Some of the most inspiring and beautiful pictures we see of vintage fashion, models, and celebrities would not be possible without the talented people who are behind the lens. This week, we’re celebrating the work of Sid Avery, a photographer who became known for his ability to catch the rare candid moment of a celebrity. From Liz Taylor to Marilyn Monroe, Avery produced some amazing shots that will be valued for years to come.


Before he hit it big, he started out working at a camera store in Los Angeles.… Read more

Romantic Basics from Secrets in Lace

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Building a fabulous lingerie wardrobe is a sought after idea for many women. Who doesn’t love to have something fabulous to change into at night? But in all reality, every day lingerie can still be just as beautiful.  So even when you don’t have a romantic night planned, or a fancy outing to go to, your normal weekday routine can get spruced up with some of our favorite “basics” that are anything but basic.  Keep reading to see some of our most loved products that keep women glamorous every day of the week.

The Coquette Sheer Cup Bra is supportive and sexy.… Read more

Vintage Outfits to Pair With Your Classic Lingerie

Vintage lingerie and loungewear is definitely our specialty, but many women who shop our store love incorporating vintage looks into their everyday style as well. Today on the blog we’re sharing some of our favorite street style looks, based off of some very well loved icons of the past and present.


We’ll start with modern day diva, Dita Von Teese. She’s known for her burlesque shows, iconic vintage hair and makeup, and of course her killer style. Whether it be on the red carpet or the sidewalk, this gal never has a hair out of place, or an outfit that’s anything but perfectly tailored.… Read more