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Lounging in Style With Hollywood Starlets

Obviously here at Secrets in Lace we’re all about the glamour, the seduction, the beauty, the total intrigue of vintage fashion. But there’s no denying the fact that no matter how much beautiful lingerie, decadent silks, or delicate lace pieces you own, sometimes you just want to curl up in bed, in your favorite chair, or anywhere that’s not your office desk! This week we’re taking a fun little spin-off of our starlet features by showing that even Hollywood royalty needs to rest every now and then. These vintage pictures show our favorite leading ladies catching a break just as you would.… Read more

Happy Easter from Secrets in Lace!

Easter is here! Regardless of religion and what the holiday means to you, for most people is also always means a celebration of Spring and the warmer days ahead. Today we’re sharing some great items to wear for any upcoming Easter dinners, Spring celebrations, or if you just want to work some lighter colors into your look of the day. Trend you’ll want to keep an eye out for are pastels, bright hues, and lightweight materials.

There’s always room for more stockings! This season, mix it up with our newest arrivals, the Classic RHT stocking now comes in even more colors.… Read more

Silky Smooth Satin Lingerie with Secrets In Lace!

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One of the many reasons we love being a part of Secrets in Lace is not just being able to recreate vintage stockings and remind ourselves why that style was so timeless, but also for the glamour of it all! After all, when you think of our company, or when you wear our garments, we want you to feel absolutely enveloped in decadence and luxury. Following on this theme, today we’re featuring some of our greatest satin items. With that shiny finish, and smooth texture, satin is one of the sexiest fabrics around.

 Our Cabaret Plunge Bra is an endearing design, with a plunging neckline and lots of lift for a little extra oomph!… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Dorian Leigh

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When you think about American supermodels, especially those from earlier years who were pioneers of the industry, it’s hard to leave out Dorian Leigh. She is known as one of the first true icons within the fashion and modeling industry, and on this week’s blog we’re here to tell you all about her!

She was born in Texas in 1917, and unlike many other models she did not jump right into the profession at a young age.  Instead, Leigh finished her high school career and attended college followed by a working life in the engineering field. That definitely doesn’t sound as glamorous as you’d assume a young model’s life to begin, however she found that she had strong math and science skills and utilized them in a career designing tools for Eastern Airlines as well as working at Bell Laboratories.… Read more

Ring in Spring With Secrets In Lace!

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The first day of Spring officially arrived last week on Thursday, March 20th. For many of us, this past winter has seemed extra long, extra cold, and extra snowy. So the start of a new season is exactly what the doctor ordered! In addition to having all of that snow finally melt, watching the flowers blossom, and being able to roll down the windows, we have Spring fashion to get excited about. This week we’re showcasing some of our brightest and cheeriest garments to help you ring in springtime.

White is an interesting color (or is it really a color?), in the winter it can be worn and is reminiscent of sparkling icicles and fresh fallen snow.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Mitzi Gaynor

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Love learning more about the fabulous vintage starlets that graced the screens and stages during the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s? This week we’re featuring the beautiful Mitzi Gaynor. She was American-born to a mother who was a trained dancer, and a father who was a music director and performer. Being born with those genes definitely set her up for success!

At 11 years old, Gaynor and her family moved to Hollywood where she immediately began her career. Starting out as a chorus dancer, she moved up quickly signing a deal with 20th Century Fox at just 17 years old. One of her most notable performances has to be There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954), a musical comedy where she starred alongside other greats like Marilyn Monroe, Johnnie Ray, Ethel Merman, and others.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Mae West

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When you think about some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time, it’s impossible to leave out Mae West. Like many actresses of her time, she was known for a multitude of talents, like acting, modeling, comedy, singing, and playwriting. On today’s blog, Secrets in Lace is featuring her as our starlet of the week. After reading about her many accomplishments, and her sultry attitude you will definitely become part of her fan club–if you’re not already!

She was born in 1893 in Brooklyn, New York and started her career early, appearing in many Broadway shows by the time she was 18.… Read more

New Arrivals from Secrets in Lace!

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With Christmas, New Years, and now Valentine’s behind us, it’s about time to start thinking, “Okay is it Spring yet?” It got us reminiscing on warmer months and a whole different style. While we may still have a ways to go until we can really call it “Springtime” again, luckily in the world of lingerie it’s always heating up. So this week we’re featuring some of our all time favorite sheer products! What better way to break the mold from this long winter than by slipping into something sheer and fabulous?

 The Lolita Set is one of our newer items, and as it says in the description, “Sheer Seduction is all you need to know”!… Read more

Vintage Lingerie 101: Where does the bullet bra come from?

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As readers of our blog, and shoppers of our online store, we’re assuming it’s pretty safe to say that you are a lover vintage lingerie, fashion, icons…pretty much anything vintage. We’re always proud to have the most authentic vintage stockings and undergarments, but it’s also fun to understand where they came from and the history behind it all. So today we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to explore the history of the bullet bra. This iconic shape is a best-seller on our site, and now you’ll get to see how this classic garment came to fruition.

They first became popular during the 1940’s and were created to give women’s chests more shape and lift.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Louise Brooks

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It’s been a while since we’ve profiled a vintage starlet, but we’re back this week to show off Louise Brooks. She was an American born beauty who was known as a dancer, actress, and for popularizing the iconic bobbed haircut. Keep reading to learn more about her life, career, and style!

Being raised in the 1910’s by an artistic mother who played the piano, she had a love for music ingrained in her at an early start. While she has starred in multiple films, she got her start as a dancer, joining an L.A. dance company alongside a young Martha Graham.… Read more