Secrets In Lace works hard to keep romance alive in the modern world. We’re inspired by all things vintage — from our authentic stockings to our vintage lingerie.  We are the exclusive designers of the Bettie Page Lingerie Collection, the Dita Von Teese Nylon Stocking Collection and have the exclusive Rago Shapewear Salon.

Keep up with this blog for news, vintage inspiration, and tips to incorporate some more romance into your lingerie drawer.


Vintage Style Icon: Suzy Parker

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In today’s society, we are bombarded with ads and images everywhere we go. It’s no secret that beauty and fashion play a large role in our society, but sometimes it can become a little too much, and every beautiful face plastered on a billboard becomes a blur.  Back in the vintage era, these ad spots were still a growing development and quite a coveted role to get. One of our favorite faces of fashion is Suzy Parker, and on today’s blog we’ll be remembering her stylish career.

Suzy was born in 1932 and followed in the path of her older sister, model Dorian Parker.… Read more

3 Weekend Outfits by Secrets In Lace

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Looking for a way to switch up your weekly routine? With busy schedules and technology becoming a part of every single thing we do, it can sometimes become easy to get stuck in a rut with your social life. This week, we’re showing you some great ways to keep the romance alive this weekend, all in nostalgic and vintage ways. Of course, we couldn’t help but input some of our favorite garments into these activities either!  Keep reading to see how you can spice up your social life.

Go to a movie. It sounds simple, and that’s the beauty of it.… Read more

Patriotic Pinups!

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This past weekend we celebrated the Fourth of July, a wonderful holiday for us in the United States. Who doesn’t love all-American bar-b-ques, fun with friends and family, and the romance of fireworks? While this holiday celebrated the history of our country, it was also a great time to look back at other eras, and pin-ups were certainly a tradition of that American pride. So in honor of the Fourth of July, here are some famous pin-up gals who really knew how to set off fireworks!


We’ve featured this picture before, and we’re sure you’re not tired of it yet either.… Read more

Animal Prints by Secrets in Lace!

Ever want to let out your wild side? One of the wonderful things about fashion is being able to have a whole new attitude just based off of what you’re wearing. As you probably know, at Secrets in Lace we pride ourselves in being able to bring you some of the most glamorous and nostalgic undergarments from vintage fashion. However we love being able to put a modern spin on things too! Mixed in with our classic pieces like stockings, garter belts, and bullet bras, you’ll find a little more on the primal side…unleash your inner animal with some of these fun animal print garments!… Read more

Stock Up On Summer Lingerie with Secrets in Lace!

This week we’re showcasing some of our favorite garments for summer. While it’s always fun to shop for new clothing styles from season to season, keep in mind that lingerie and undergarments can vary by season as well. From color, to material, to functionality, below are a few of our favorite items you will get great use out of this summer.

Stockings and thigh highs are perfect to add some protection against your legs in the cooler months, but what about stockings in the summer? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t dress just as glamorously all year long. Our stockings are made from super sheer 100% 15 denier nylon so they’re sure to keep you comfortable in the heat.… Read more

Vintage Movies To Go With Your Vintage Loungewear

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We’re taking a quick pause from fashion this week, and instead showcasing some of our favorite vintage movies of all time. Dressing up for a night on the town in a glamorous outfit and fabulous lingerie underneath is always fun, but sometimes staying in and staging a movie night is just as entertaining–not to mention relaxing. So slip into your favorite Secrets in Lace pajamas, or loungewear and choose one (or all), of the following movies to cuddle up to.

A Brief Encounter (1945) is a classic story of forbidden love. The film starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard portray the story of a typical housewife who meets a handsome doctor in a train station café.… Read more

Vintage Style Files: Lillian Gish

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While we frequently starlets from the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, this week we’re featuring one of the earliest grande dames of cinema. This week on the blog, we’re featuring Lillian Gish. For those unfamiliar with the name, Gish was an American-born actress and director. She was born in 1893 and had a career that lasted for over 75 years, due to her success in both the silent-era as well as the sound-era of film she earned the honorable nickname of The First Lady of American Cinema. While we frequently


In terms of her career in acting, she made her debut in An Unseen Enemy in 1912 when she was just 19 years old.… Read more

How to Get an Hourglass Figure With Secrets In Lace!

Today on the blog we’re showing you some of our favorite items that you can wear under your outfits. If you’re a lover of lingerie and vintage fashions, then you’ll agree that what goes underneath your clothes can sometimes be just as important as the outfit you’re wearing! Whether you’re the only one to see these undergarments, or they serve as a sexy surprise for someone special, underwear and lingerie also serves a purpose of creating the perfect shape. Keep reading to see what items you can get for your desired look.

 Getting the hourglass figure is undoubtedly one of the most sought out styles.… Read more

Classic Lingerie by Secrets in Lace!

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Talking about, and profiling the different pin-up models of the past as well as modern day models is definitely one of the things we love doing. As you’re reading these blogs and seeing the amazing pictures, you can’t help but envision yourself as one of those models! After all, what is sexier than feeling the confidence and empowerment that always shined through the pin-up models’ photographs? This week we’re not showcasing another model, but instead showing you some go-to garments you can wear to achieve the same look, and encompass the same confidence.

We’ll start with the obvious combination of stockings and garter belts.… Read more

Pinup Spotlight: Zoe Mozert

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If you’re a pin-up enthusiast like us, and we’re sure you are, it’s hard to think of pin-up artist without considering the always sexy Zoe Mozert. Zoe was born in 1907 and had quite a different story than many other pin-up models and artists. While it was common for many to get their start in the industry with modeling then move on to acting and performances, Zoe started her modeling career to help herself pay for art school. She was career driven and studied at the Philadelphia School of Industrial Art, then moved to New York City to make a name for herself as an artist, not a model.… Read more