Vintage Style Icon Spotlight: Doris Day

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Doris Day was one woman in entertainment who wonʼt soon be forgotten. She had a career repertoire that included singing, movies, television, and she was even an animal rights activist! Not only was she an inspiration to other young women, but she had a style to be envied by women and drooled over by the men. Like most vintage style, she looked very put together and had classic, clean lines. One thing I loved the most about her was her incorporation of hats and gloves into her style. This showed up in her personal life, and film career alike.
I love this picture of Doris because it just screams vintage–with the perfectly pinned hair, high waisted bottoms, and bullet bra top, Doris is perfectly modeling some of the most prominent elements of vintage style.… Read more

Stockings 101!

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Our stockings are some of our products that we take the most pride in. They are completely authentic nylon stockings that mimic the vintage quality you would have found decades ago. There is definitely no skimping on craftsmanship here! However, there is a downside to offering so many different types of stockings, how exactly do you know which ones to pick? And what is the difference between all of the different types we offer? So, if youʼre not already well acquainted with the terminology, hereʼs a little cheat sheet to help you with your next purchases.

A Fully Fashioned stocking means that the stocking was knitted flat, and then brought together with an exposed seam.… Read more

Pinup History!

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One of our favorite things about working with vintage lingerie and fashions is being able to recreate pin-up looks. Famous gals who served as icons included Betty Grable, Bettie Page, Themla Todd, and of course Marilyn Monroe. There were certainly many more throughout the decades, and even modern day celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, and Holly Madison have continued that same image. But what exactly does is mean to be a “pin-up girl?” And how has the style changed over the decades?




Pin-up art was originally focused around being mass produced, and a type of art you could simply “pin up” on your wall.… Read more

Crinolines 101!

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A lot of the garments that are representative of vintage fashion and vintage lingerie have histories that go back much farther than the forties or fifties. To have a true appreciation for how they are worn today and what their original purpose was, it is helpful to understand how they have evolved. So when youʼre shopping youʼre not just thinking “Oh thatʼs a bullet bra,” but instead already having a vision of when the bullet bra came about, who made it famous, and how the trend has stayed alive today. This week, I wanted to focus on crinolines. They are one of the many great products that Secrets in Lace offers, however many customers arenʼt sure how to incorporate it into their wardrobe, or what itʼs actual purpose is.… Read more