Happy Halloween from Secrets in Lace!

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Happy Halloween! We love incorporating vintage into our everyday fashion and lingerie, but a holiday like Halloween is the perfect excuse to take it a step further. Or, Iʼm sure there are some people out there who are dying to experiment with vintage fashion, but donʼt want to come off looking too costume-y. Again, Halloween to the rescue! On a day where anything goes, and countless parties where guests of all ages dress up, there really is no better time to go all out as a vintage fashionista, pin-up girl, or even a burlesque entertainer! Those being three elements of fashion that Secrets in Lace works with everyday, itʼs the perfect opportunity to create three great Halloween costume ideas.… Read more

Secretsinlace.eu Has Launched!

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For years, our European customers have been asking for better buying options. We love our customers, so we’ve finally launched a European version of our site just for you EU romantics!

Now our EU customers can skip the import taxes and have access to all of our great products with faster shipping options. We’re carrying a full range of stockings, classic open bottom girdles, and much much more!

 … Read more

Romantic Loungewear

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One of the great things about working with vintage lingerie is that weʼre constantly surrounded by luxurious fabrics, ultra feminine shapes, and enough fabulous photographs to last a lifetime. Sounds like a dream right? It sort of is, but then again even at Secrets in Lace, we need some down time to just relax, or do some actual dreaming of our own. And, as much as we would love to, relaxing or sleeping in one of our great waist cinchers and garter belts just isnʼt going to fly. Luckily, even the glamourous vintage ladies we look to for icons had loungewear, but they knew how to do comfort in style.… Read more

How To Care For Your SIL Stockings and Lingerie

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Clearly if your a shopper at Secrets in Lace, and a reader of our blog, you want the best quality, and most fashionable options. And weʼre assuming you want them to last for as long as possible, right? I thought so. This week we have some tips for caring for your stockings and undergarments.

You love the ultra sheer and delicate fabric on your legs, but thereʼs no denying that washing can kind of be a pain. Throwing them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes is risky, and unless you have a “delicate” cycle on your home machine, we suggest sticking with hand washing.… Read more

Vintage Profile: Dita Von Teese

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Unlike many of our other vintage icon spotlights, our most recent is known for continuing vintage style into modern society. Dita Von Teese, who is only forty years old has had a long successful career of modeling, designing, burlesque dancing, and acting–all the while managing to keep vintage looking chic.

Best known for her sexy burlesque routines, Dita is often in corsets and other waist- accentuating clothing. Her stage clothing for the burlesque shows can be quite extravagant, as she says she puts the “tease” back in “striptease.” Clearly, she gets the job done! Just check out what she gets to wear to work.… Read more

Garter Belts vs. Open Bottom Girdles vs. Waist Cinchers…Whatʼs the Difference?

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A lot different types of lingerie obviously started for purely functional reasons, and their transition into todayʼs world has stayed functional, but of course incorporating style and sex appeal. Needless to say, the different types can get a little confusing, sometimes you canʼt tell the difference just by looking at them. Today weʼre clearing up any confusion between garter belts, open bottom girdles, and waist cinchers. Based on their design they can become easily mixed up, but there are some subtle differences to point out so you can make the best decision on which one works best for you!

Garter belts, like the others, are worn around the waist, and their original function was to hold up your stockings with the garters (the straps), since the magic of stay-up thigh highs and pantyhose had not yet been invented.… Read more