Garter Belts vs. Open Bottom Girdles vs. Waist Cinchers…Whatʼs the Difference?

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A lot different types of lingerie obviously started for purely functional reasons, and their transition into todayʼs world has stayed functional, but of course incorporating style and sex appeal. Needless to say, the different types can get a little confusing, sometimes you canʼt tell the difference just by looking at them. Today weʼre clearing up any confusion between garter belts, open bottom girdles, and waist cinchers. Based on their design they can become easily mixed up, but there are some subtle differences to point out so you can make the best decision on which one works best for you!

Garter belts, like the others, are worn around the waist, and their original function was to hold up your stockings with the garters (the straps), since the magic of stay-up thigh highs and pantyhose had not yet been invented. But their design was sexy in nature, so regardless of the fact that we have other options for our legs now, garter belts have stuck around. They can have as many as eight, or as few as four straps attached for stockings, and the size and materials can vary as well. For a super sexed up version, try one of the designer selections.

Or if youʼre looking for something with fuller coverage, there are plenty of options which provide a little more control than the designer versions.

Similar to the garter belt are open bottom girdles. They still hold up stockings with garter straps, but the part that goes around your waist is extended to be more high waisted, and extend farther down on your hips. While holding up stockings, an open bottom girdleʼs main focus includes being a smoother and shaper, but is still unnoticeable under regular clothing. Donʼt think that just because itʼs a type of shapewear it canʼt still be sexy! Many have lace or print overlays so you can feel just as great as you look.

Upon first glance, waist cinchers can look basically identical to open bottom girdles. However just as the girdle was an extension of the garter belt, waist cinchers are an extension of the open bottom girdle. Instead of just smoothing a shape, waist cinchers aim to take inches off your waist for an hourglass shape. And of course they have attached garter straps to keep your favorite Secrets in Lace stockings up!

Whether youʼre looking for a serious shaper, or just something fun to keep your stockings straight, Secrets in Lace has a sexy option for every customer.

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