Happy Halloween from Secrets in Lace!

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Happy Halloween! We love incorporating vintage into our everyday fashion and lingerie, but a holiday like Halloween is the perfect excuse to take it a step further. Or, Iʼm sure there are some people out there who are dying to experiment with vintage fashion, but donʼt want to come off looking too costume-y. Again, Halloween to the rescue! On a day where anything goes, and countless parties where guests of all ages dress up, there really is no better time to go all out as a vintage fashionista, pin-up girl, or even a burlesque entertainer! Those being three elements of fashion that Secrets in Lace works with everyday, itʼs the perfect opportunity to create three great Halloween costume ideas.

With television shows featuring vintage fashion like Mad Men on the rise, you may be seeing a couple Peggy Olsonʼs this year. To recreate the classic look from the 50ʻs and 60ʻs go with the killer combo of bullet bra and tight sweater tucked into a longer skirt. Neck scarves and pearls along with perfectly pinned hair will have you fitting in perfectly with the rest of the cast.

If youʼre a fan of the show, you surely remember Megan Draperʼs song and dance from a recent episode. While most female characters all wore the same a-line silhouette, Megan started a trend in her short black dress, with long bell-like sleeves, and rhinestone necklace. Complete the look with a bobbed haircut and sassy attitude.

We love a pin-up girl any day of the week, but on Halloween, you can really go wild. Along with the hourglass shape given by high-waisted bottoms, or rompers with a cinched waist, it is very important to get the hair and make-up right as well. Fire-engine red lips, and dramatic winged eye-liner will have people wondering why some ever stopped buying pin-up art!

Last, but definitely not least, burlesque performers may be the most elaborate of the three. After all, the dancerʼs “work attire” is even called a costume! To change professions for a day, corsets, garter belts, and stockings are a must. But what may be even more important are the accessories to go along with it. From gloves, to top hats, to feathered boas, too much is never enough!

Before we get weighed down with stresses of the holiday season, have one last hurrah in a fabulously vintage fashion!

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