Holiday Traveling with Secrets In Lace!

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It seems like from the week after Thanksgiving leading up to the various winter holidays, peopleʼs schedules get a little hectic. Traveling to visit different family members, rushing to by last minute gifts, or attending multiple holiday parties, thereʼs always something going on. With all the extra running around to do, make sure you donʼt compromise your style! You can stay fabulously vintage all throughout the holidays with the help of Secrets in Lace. This week, we are focusing on three vital things to always have in your suitcase when doing your holiday traveling.
Your favorite stockings, of course!

If you have limited space, the great thing about stockings is that theyʼre probably the least bulky item to pack, but the most necessary. So donʼt hesitate to pack a couple pairs depending on the amount of time youʼll be gone. You canʼt go wrong with a pair of Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings, then throw in a pair of the Sheer Heel and Toe as well for when youʼre wearing your favorite open toed shoes.

The strapless bra is another multi-functional piece which is perfect for traveling because of the removable straps. Unlike stockings, bras tend to take up a little more room, so having a bra that can have straps or become strapless means itʼll work with double the amount of outfits. Now you just have to choose which great color to bring!

A final product we wouldnʼt want you to leave home without is a pretty pair of pajamas. You may not be falling asleep in your own bed, but that doesnʼt mean you canʼt still look like sleeping beauty! If you want something that is easily compressible, a silky babydoll barely takes up any room making it suitcase friendly.


If youʼve got the room to spare, you can bring a full sleep set, and top it off with a vintage inspired robe to really make yourself feel at home.

When youʼre traveling and living out of a suitcase, its not too weird to feel out of sorts without having all of your favorite items on hand. But being able to bring a few great staples that still make you feel like the glamourous lady you are will rid your travels of any fashion related stresses. Whether youʼre doing a winter getaway, or simply making all those family stops you promised to do, keep it vintage with Secrets in Lace!

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