Vintage Style Icon: Josephine Baker

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And weʼre back with another vintage style icon! This week, Josephine Baker. Although she was American born, she became a French citizen and excelled in dancing, singing, and acting. Aside from her multi-cultural flair, Baker was also one of the first African- American women to become recognized as an entertainment sensation. Though this is a vintage style blog, we canʼt help but point out the other amazing things that Baker accomplished in her life- like working as a spy during World War II for the French resistance, supporting the American Civil Rights Movement and adopting 12 children of different races and nationalities, as well as maintaining a strong presence in the entertainment industry for over fifty years.… Read more

Check out a piece of Secrets In Lace History!

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We’re proud of our history of making the best vintage inspired lingerie in the business, so we’re thrilled that now we can finally show off all our years of hard work in one place! We’ve recently gone back and added all of our gorgeous covers from 1998 onwards to Pinterest. If you’d like to study up on your Secrets In Lace history, check them out here.… Read more

Check out the Rago Shape Salon!

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Even though shapewear seems like a fairly new concept, you can actually see that it dates all the way back to the 16th century! While we’re past the days of corsets that rearranged your internal organs and made fainting couches a chic accessory  everyone still wants some help now and then. While open bottom girdles, corsets, and waist cinchers are all great ways to shape, the Rago Shapewear Collection was made specifically for this purpose. Made from fibers that stretch and still allow for a full range of movement, their composition still ensures control and shaping. The Rago Salon features four different styles, all of which will meet your needs in one way or another!… Read more

New Arrivals At Secrets In Lace!

Whether youʼre a dedicated Secrets in Lace customer, or a first time shopper, weʼre sure there are probably some items in your closet that you liked to stay stocked up on. Whether thatʼs high waisted briefs, the perfect plunge bra, or your favorite style of stockings, everybody has something that they keep coming back for. While we love that youʼve found something that works for you, we want to encourage you to keep trying new and different styles. Our new arrivals section is always expanding with fabulous products. So try something different for the new year and experiment with our latest and greatest garments–no matter what you choose, you can be rest assured that youʼll be showing off romantic and vintage style in the highest quality.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Joan Blondell

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We canʼt seem to think of anyone more glamourous than a beauty queen–after all, their career is to be beautiful! Thatʼs why this week weʼre spotlighting Jane Blondell. Although her career included much more than being a beauty queen, this vintage lady got her start in pageants then branched out to the silver screen and television roles. But most importantly, she is remembered by us as a sexy and fashionable woman of the 30ʼs and 40ʼs.

In her everyday life, she portrayed the classically put together style that today we regard as vintage. Pillbox hats like this werenʼt just for church, but an amazing way to pull an entire outfit together.… Read more