Vintage Style Icon: Alexis Smith

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Designers, to starlets, to models, Secrets in Lace is back this week with another great vintage profile. Alexis Smith was a film star throughout the 40ʼs and 50ʼs, but also had experience in Broadway and television. Although many of her appearances did not gain great acclaim at first, she was always recognized for her stunning beauty, and pin-up girl style. While many film stars today fill their extra time with endorsements and public appearances, it was very common for vintage starlets to show off their pin-up style and attitude when off set. Here, in one of her pin-up photographs, you can see that Alexis Smith had something every woman envied: a spectacular body with lots of curves and dressed in the best fashions.… Read more

Classic Movies To Inspire Your Vintage Look!

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If youʼre looking to be inspired by vintage fashion and ideas then youʼve come to the right place! Whether youʼre a regular reader of our blog, or a first time visitor, Secrets in Lace wants to educate our customers on the history behind the garments that we produce. For instance, our stockings arenʼt just a convenient way to display gorgeous legs all year round, but also tell a story of the women from the roaring 20ʼs through the 50ʼs and how stockings had to be a part of their everyday wardrobes. Our bullet bras arenʼt just a sexy way to create shape and support for your chest, but also symbolize the values that women had for their curves during this era.… Read more

Put A Little Vintage Into Your Everyday Style!

We all love lingerie and undergarments that have vintage flair to them, but sometimes you want your love for that style to show through in your everyday outfits as well. Since not every one will be lucky enough to see you in all your wonderful lingerie ensembles, today Secrets in Lace is showing you a couple simple and fast ways to make any outfit more vintage.

First, make sure that youʼre staying true to the shapes and silhouettes created by this style. Back in the 40ʼs and 50ʼs, womenʼs bodyʼs were voluptuous, curvy, and they loved to show that off! Steer away from todayʼs trends like skinny jeans and short skirts, and opt for more classic options like button-up blouses with charming collars, and pencil skirts that hit right at your waist.… Read more

Vintage Style Files: Hattie Carnegie!

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We know that you have an appreciation for all things vintage, after all, why else would you be reading our blog and shopping our fabulous online store? Besides dressing you in the highest quality and most adorable fashions, our frequent blogs on style icons are also to educate you on this history. Whatʼs just as important as dazzling leading ladies who showed off vintage fashions, are the masterminds who were the designers of those eras. This week, weʼre focusing on Hattie Carnegie, the Austrian immigrant who made a name for herself in American fashion industry.


Although she started out working at a large corporate department store, Macyʼs, Carnegie and her friend soon took a leap of faith and opened their own hat store.… Read more