Summer Accessories by Secrets in Lace!

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Welcome back! We talk a lot about vintage fashion and it’s history, even how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.  This week, we’re getting even more specific and focusing on these warmer months.  As spring settles in, you may be seeing the latest fashion and accessory trends but wondering just how you can make them a little more vintage.  Keep reading, and not only will you get to continue to show off your fabulous vintage style but you’ll be in the mood for spring as well!


We have a fabulous array of hats at Secrets in Lace, but if you want to go vintage but be a little less formal, try head scarves.… Read more

Tips for Relaxing With Secrets In Lace!

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In today’s world, relaxing and having some time to yourself is not always easy to come by.  Many women must balance full-time jobs, social involvement, relationships, and family obligations. So where can we find some good ol’ fashioned “me-time?” This week, the blog is all about you! Keep reading for some simple ways to squeeze in a little relaxation at the end of the day, and some fabulous loungewear to do it in.

At the end of a long day, try taking at least 30 minutes to draw yourself a wonderful bubble bath. Adding soothing scents like lavender and vanilla, lighting some candles, and playing low music will instantly soothe tired and tense muscles. … Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Katherine Hepburn

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There are very few names that garner as much recognition as Katharine Hepburn’s. Due to her successful and extensive career in Hollywood, being in the public eye was something that Hepburn quickly had to adapt to. However, as much as she was known for her on-screen roles and later transitioning to broadway, she differed from some of our other starlets in that she wasnʼt very keen on posing for pictures, giving interviews, and generally giving off an attitude that wasnʼt quite as lovable as her other Hollywood acquaintances. Instead she was known for wearing trousers and minimal makeup. So why are we featuring her?  … Read more