New Arrivals: Underbust and Overbust Corsets!

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Have you checked out our New Arrivals section lately? We’re always adding new and exciting pieces for you to try, and this week we’re sharing some information on corsets and under bust corsets. We’ve recently added some great options of both corsets and under bust corsets, but of course we want you to be educated on when and how to wear these different garments. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

While most women are familiar with corsets and their long history in lingerie, they may not be as familiar with the under bust type of corset. This garment starts just under the bust (hence the name), and then continues down the rest of the torso as normal corset would. … Read more

How to Beat the Weekday Blues, Vintage Style!

Let’s face it, sometimes you wake up in the morning and have trouble getting ready to start your day. Usually, those days are Mondays. Whether you spent your weekend attending fun and fabulous events or getting some much needed rest, the start of the week and getting back into your routine can be rough.  Luckily there are some simple ways to make your weekdays less dreadful and more vintage, which means more fun for everyone!

 Don’t Save Your Pretty Lingerie for the Weekends:

Seriously, you can wear sexy lingerie sets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday…pretty much any day of the week. But if you think about what a confidence boost sexy underwear can give you, why not use it on a day when you need it the most?… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Clara Bow

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Ready for some more fashion and lifestyle inspiration? Clara Bow was an American-born actress who gained fame for her beauty and acting expertise. Despite all of her successes, she chose to live a more humble lifestyle, though her personal style and beauty was anything but understated.

First and foremost, Clara Bow did the flapper hairstyle better than many other women of her era. The side part, pinned bangs, and perfectly shaped wave is a classic symbol of the flapper and vintage age.

The second women in from the left, Bow also sported the dainty buttons and collared dresses that remain popular styles in modern day vintage fashion.… Read more

Sexy Retro Lingerie Sets from Secrets In Lace!

Are you in the market for a great new lingerie set? There are certainly a wide variety of gorgeous options out there for you to choose from, but it’s no secret that it can all become a little overwhelming.  Women of the 40’s and 50’s had great style, but were often limited in the different styles offered. At Secret’s in Lace we clearly want to carry on that vintage feel and look in our garments, but also give you a wider variety to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or picking out a gift for a special someone, this week we are featuring three great types of lingerie sets which all have different purposes.… Read more