How To Make the High Waisted Trend Work For You

High waisted styles are some of the greatest things that came out of vintage fashion, and many designers are working that trend into modern day collections. Whether you choose to go high waisted in lingerie and shapewear or clothing for daytime, today we’re featuring some of our favorite high waisted trends and why this style is flattering for all.

The first reason to go high waisted is that it’s in style. Like we mentioned, this style is reminiscent of the vintage era, and there’s nothing chicer today than going vintage. You will find many skirts and shorts raising their waist lines to accentuate an hourglass figure. Secrets in Lace offers day time options like our Erica Skirt which is classy and professional for the office, but can easily be glammed up for night time.


Another reason to go high waisted is that it’s a style that can flatter any body type. For fuller figures, it adheres to curves and smoothes your natural shape. For slimmer body types this style can create the illusion of curves by having the top of the garment hit right at your slimmest part of your waist. Try out this style in lingerie with something as simple as a pair of panties.

High waisted trends also appear in shapewear as the high waist line naturally creates the hourglass shape. We’ve shown before how shapewear can be just as glamourous as your lingerie, and now it can be just as trendy as well. Our Elizabeth Open Bottom Girdle is an ultra sexy option that keeps up with today’s trends.

Going high waisted is also an easy way to style any outfit for those of us who don’t have a ton of time to piece together a new look every morning. If you were to wear your regular jeans and a t shirt, you would probably want to add a little something to it in order to seem less basic. By simply switching the bottoms to a high waisted option and tucking in your tee, you are instantly seen as a fashionista, when it was completely effortless on your end!

We love that this trend is making a comeback in daywear and lingerie alike. Be sure to check on our site for all the latest and greatest additions!

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