Vintage Style Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

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Our style inspiration this week is coming from none other than the Great Gatsby. The remake of the original film opened in theaters about a month ago, and the trends resulting from it have been all the rage ever since. Originally based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the storyline follows the luxurious party life of Long Island residents in their summer season.  The characters all love to show off their decadent lifestyles to solidify their place in the social circles of that time. For the women, that of course meant dressing in the most fabulous trends.


The plot is set right at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties which was marked by flapper dresses, flashy jewelry, and art deco inspired prints. The flapper dress was a must have for any woman wanting to grab the attention of men, but the character Daisy Buchanan loved to take it a step further with fur shawls, and glitzy embellishments like sequins and (even more) jewels. Adding something like a fur shawl, or long strings of pearls to any formal gown is an easy way to add a vintage vibe to your outfit.


Daisy’s character was also queen of accessories, whether that was hats, headscarves, or sparkling headbands, she was never one to leave the house without paying attention to every detail of her outfit. Here, you can see the character in the original film loved large eye-catching hats, and the modern version still turns heads by making use of fun headbands.


To add the Roaring Twenties to your look, try incorporating some of our elbow length gloves– another favorite for women of this time, and of course our selection of vintage hats will give you the look instantly! Then, layer on a couple strings of pearls, and of course you can’t forget your favorite pair of vintage stockings–and voilà! You’ve got the Gatsby style.


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