Fashion Meets Function at Secrets In Lace!

Today, we’re showing you some great products that are not only fashionable, but also functional. We all love a sexy outfit and the opportunity to show it off, but sometimes we’re going to an event and need our undergarments to serve more of a practical role. Since we focus on recreating the vintage look, it’s important to remember that in those times lingerie usually had a specific purpose, and the fashion element was an added bonus. From shaping to enhancing, to adding volume, keep reading to see how Secrets in Lace doesn’t just focus on how sexy our pieces are, but how they can help you out a little as well!… Read more

How to Put Together a Complete Outfit – Secrets In Lace Style!

For today’s lesson, we’re teaching you how to put together an entire outfit. It may sound like an easy task, but when you think about how many great products are offered, and the subtle differences between them, it can become pretty daunting picking and choosing which pieces go together. First we’ll show a daytime outfit, followed by some simple changes you can swap out for night time.

Starting with a good foundation of undergarments is key. Since you can’t go wrong with a classic, start off with our Signature RHT stockings–we chose the ivory leg/brown welt color combo since we’re sticking with neutrals for the rest of the outfit.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Pauline Trigère

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On our blog we love covering topics that inspire, educate, and grow your vintage fashion obsession. Whether that’s how to wear different garments, who was the trend setter of the time, or the designers behind it all, there is a lot to be covered on this topic.

This week we’ve turned to designer Pauline Trigère and her fashion career.

Like many other designers Trigère was born in Paris and raised by both a tailor and a dressmaker. Though her dreams weren’t initially in the fashion business, after moving to New York during World War II she started the business with her brother keeping the family name alive with the Trigère line.… Read more

Add A Dash Of Romance To Your Life with Secrets In Lace!

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Are you looking for a way to infuse extra romance into your everyday life? Whether you want to spice up your wardrobe, or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, Secrets in Lace has a wide selection of high quality garments to fulfill your needs. Today, we’re featuring four great products to easily incorporate into any outfit. Simply adding a few key looks to pieces you already own will give you an instant romantic makeover. Keep reading to see what you may be missing!


For the Office:

Yes, even at the office, it’s okay to add some extra flair into your look.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Brigitte Bardot

Who’s ready for another gorgeous vintage bombshell? Everyone? That’s what we like to hear! On this week’s blog we’re going back and taking a look at the life and style of Brigitte Bardot. Born in Paris, France in 1934, Bardot grew up to be an absolutely stunning woman, and a fashion icon. Her career began with her focus on becoming a professional ballet dancer, which then turned to different gigs as a model, then she jumped into the acting scene in both France and England. Though Bardot eventually opted out of silver screen acting, she continued her love of performance in various musicals and vocal performances.… Read more