Fashion Meets Function at Secrets In Lace!

Today, we’re showing you some great products that are not only fashionable, but also functional. We all love a sexy outfit and the opportunity to show it off, but sometimes we’re going to an event and need our undergarments to serve more of a practical role. Since we focus on recreating the vintage look, it’s important to remember that in those times lingerie usually had a specific purpose, and the fashion element was an added bonus. From shaping to enhancing, to adding volume, keep reading to see how Secrets in Lace doesn’t just focus on how sexy our pieces are, but how they can help you out a little as well!

First up is a classic corset. Yes, they are extremely sexy, and yes they’re considered to be a fashion trend. But what you may not know is that this garment goes back hundreds of years to it’s original intent of making a women’s waist smaller. Creating curves is desirable in today’s world, but back then many women wouldn’t be admitted to certain events if their waist exceeded a particular circumference (seriously!). We’re definitely not promoting any unhealthy shaping here, but our corsets do aim to decrease your waist size giving you that hourglass figure.

Our High Waisted Padded Panty is one of our favorite new arrivals. It may sound a bit bizarre if you’ve never worn a product like this before, but it’s a very innovative way to give your body an extra enhancement in the rear! If you want to fill out skirts, jeans, or trousers in the sexiest way, simply slip these on and you’ll instantly get that extra boost of confidence.

Finally, our Open Bottom Body Briefer is an all-in-one miracle garment! With technologically savvy materials like Invisinet, the paneling on this will smooth out your tummy area and give you a sleek and smooth look. This is also perfect for wearing under form fitting dresses to avoid any other panty or bra lines showing through. It comes with six metal garter straps to keep your favorite stockings up, and although it’s designed to do a job, the lacette jacquard style keeps it just as sexy as any other lingerie piece.

Many women have insecurities and concerns about their bodies, and we believe that if you can find a garment to make you more confident than that is a job well done! So whether that’s adding curves, slimming things out, or a fun addition to an outfit, there are so many options to meet any of your needs, but of course, we think your gorgeous in anything!

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