Don’t Forget the Basics with Secrets In Lace!

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We love showing off some of our newest arrivals, and we’ll definitely be updating you as they arrive. But today on our blog we decided to take a little break from the thrill of the newest frills and remind you of some great basics that every lady should have accessible in her lingerie wardrobe. Part of the beauty of vintage lingerie is that there are pieces that women wore everyday that kept them just as glamorous as they would even on the most special occasions. Keep that mindset alive and see how Secrets in Lace has everything you need to keep your everyday just as fabulous as the rest.… Read more

New Arrivals for Autumn by Secrets In Lace!

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Fall fashion trends have been all the buzz the past couple weeks with Lingerie Fashion week, and now the traditional Fashion Week taking over New York City. Whether you’re looking for new trends to rock in the streets or the sheets, there’s more than enough this season to get excited about! Today, we’re featuring a couple of our newest arrivals, incase you haven’t seen them yet. Vintage styles certainly derive from a past time period, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t keep putting our own spin on all these great styles. Keep reading to see what’s the latest and greatest from Secrets in Lace.… Read more

Vintage Style Files: Vintage Men!

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As our valued readers and customers, we hope that you’ve been enjoying reading about our vintage inspirational women over the past couple weeks. From the lingerie, to the make up, to the hair styles, those women we’re never short of fabulous. But, it’s just as important to pay tribute to the vintage men in history. Ladies, you can have someone to lust over, and fellas you can try to model their style if you’re looking to impress a woman who values all things vintage.  So today we’re taking a slight break from the female leading ladies, and are switching gears to the men who shared the spotlight.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Catherine Deneuve

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There’s something about the French that adds a certain air of glamour to their appearance. Maybe it’s the rich fashion history, maybe it’s the gorgeous city they call their playground, maybe it’s all the decadent croissants they can indulge in. Whatever it may be, France has always been known for glamour and sophisticated style, and French-born actress Catherine Deneuve is no exception. Born in 1943 to two acting parents, Deneuve started her career early beginning to appear in films when she was just eleven years old. Between staring in both French and American films, modeling for Playboy and high end designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve had many opportunities to leave her mark in the vintage fashion world.… Read more