Vintage Style Files: Vintage Men!

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As our valued readers and customers, we hope that you’ve been enjoying reading about our vintage inspirational women over the past couple weeks. From the lingerie, to the make up, to the hair styles, those women we’re never short of fabulous. But, it’s just as important to pay tribute to the vintage men in history. Ladies, you can have someone to lust over, and fellas you can try to model their style if you’re looking to impress a woman who values all things vintage.  So today we’re taking a slight break from the female leading ladies, and are switching gears to the men who shared the spotlight.

How could we do a blog on leading vintage men without mentioning Cary Grant? Born in England under his legal name of Archibald Alexander Leach, Grant quickly became a Hollywood icon best known for films like Arsenic and Old Lace, An Affair to Remember, and The Philadelphia Story (amongst many others). In each film, he would always be suave and debonaire. Yet his street style was just as great. Here you can see him sporting a vintage mainstay of a tweed suit, and his gray hair gave him an air of sophistication.

Humphrey Bogart is another widely respected male from show business. Not only did he appear in over 75 films including classics like Casablanca, and Sabrina, but Bogart was named the greatest male star in the history of american cinema by the American Film Institute. In addition to his successful career, Bogart was another man who became a style icon. His street style could be casual, but he sure knew how to pull it together. Here he’s sporting the classic suit with a pocket square, and accessorized with what was known as “The Homburg” hat, and of course a pipe for added drama.

Finally, Steve McQueen an American actor, was known as “The King of Cool,” so there’s no better man than him to wrap up our men’s vintage style section! He gained his fame acting in films including The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, The Great Escape, and The Sand Pebbles for which he earned an Academy Award nomination in. But, as the King of Cool, we’re of course going to show off his great style. Whether he was going more casual with jeans and a sport jacket, or in a suit, he seemed to always top off an outfit with a great pair of sunglasses.

So fellas, have you been taking notes? To impress a vintage lady you’ll want to look the part yourself! Regardless, everyone can appreciate some great talent and fashion in the old Hollywood scene.

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