Vintage Style Icon: Catherine Deneuve

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There’s something about the French that adds a certain air of glamour to their appearance. Maybe it’s the rich fashion history, maybe it’s the gorgeous city they call their playground, maybe it’s all the decadent croissants they can indulge in. Whatever it may be, France has always been known for glamour and sophisticated style, and French-born actress Catherine Deneuve is no exception. Born in 1943 to two acting parents, Deneuve started her career early beginning to appear in films when she was just eleven years old. Between staring in both French and American films, modeling for Playboy and high end designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Catherine Deneuve had many opportunities to leave her mark in the vintage fashion world.

Here, she appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris in April of 1962. Big hair and dramatic eyeliner were just a few of the iconic fashions she modeled so perfectly.

In one of her most notable films, The Hunger, Deneuve had the pointy sunglasses, a hat, classically pulled back hair, and a bold red lipstick pulled the look together. Although her character wasn’t your typical vintage icon (she played a bisexual vampire), she pulled off the look seamlessly.


Another steamy picture from the film Belle de Jour, Catherine shows off some of our favorite garments, vintage lingerie! The combination of the garter belt, stockings, and soft cup bra all make for a gorgeous vintage look. And did you notice the beautiful lace trimmings?

Even today, Deneuve who will be 70 in October, still carries with her that air of French glamour. She is still in the spotlight showing up at all different kinds of events. Here, in Cannes, she attended a gala in a dress with the vintage-style wide neckline and a fun leopard print.

Another lady who has done her job in keeping the vintage spirit alive, Catherine Deneuve is the latest to join our vintage fashion inspiration list.

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