Vintage Lingerie 101: Where does the bullet bra come from?

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As readers of our blog, and shoppers of our online store, we’re assuming it’s pretty safe to say that you are a lover vintage lingerie, fashion, icons…pretty much anything vintage. We’re always proud to have the most authentic vintage stockings and undergarments, but it’s also fun to understand where they came from and the history behind it all. So today we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to explore the history of the bullet bra. This iconic shape is a best-seller on our site, and now you’ll get to see how this classic garment came to fruition.

They first became popular during the 1940’s and were created to give women’s chests more shape and lift.… Read more

Vintage Style Icon: Louise Brooks

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It’s been a while since we’ve profiled a vintage starlet, but we’re back this week to show off Louise Brooks. She was an American born beauty who was known as a dancer, actress, and for popularizing the iconic bobbed haircut. Keep reading to learn more about her life, career, and style!

Being raised in the 1910’s by an artistic mother who played the piano, she had a love for music ingrained in her at an early start. While she has starred in multiple films, she got her start as a dancer, joining an L.A. dance company alongside a young Martha Graham.… Read more

Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day with Secrets In Lace?

One last reminder to get all of your orders in for Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re not celebrating on the day exactly, the holiday is a great reminder to set aside time to tell that special person in your life just how special they really are. So whether it’s on February 14th, or a week later, take advantage of having at least one day dedicated to celebrating true love. These following fashions will all make great gifts for any lucky recipient.

 Sometimes the most cherished times with your partner are times when the two of you can simply relax alone together.… Read more

Valentine’s Day Gifts by Secrets in Lace!

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Just under two weeks until Valentine’s Day! For a holiday that celebrates romance, Secrets in Lace is the place to shop for romantic vintage undergarments. Today we’re showing how to build the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, and all of the different pieces that are part of it. Depending on whether you are buying a gift, adding to your collection, or starting from scratch, it can definitely be a little overwhelming when you realize how many different components can go into creating one look. Keep reading to see how to build it all, and then show it off like a pro!

First things first, start with a great pair of stockings. … Read more