Vintage Style Icons: Elaine Stewart

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Many vintage starlets and fashion icons serve as some of our best inspiration at Secret’s in Lace. You can see that through our wonderful and extensive Bettie Page Collection! But just because we don’t name an entire collection after every leading lady, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same attention! This week, its Elaine Stewart. A Jersey girl born and raised, this American actress is most well known not just for her acting roles, but her amazing physique and sultry roles she played so well.

She was actually born to the name Elsy Steinberg, but after she was picked up by a modeling agency while still in her teens, she switched her name to one she found to be more glamorous.… Read more

Lounging in Style With Hollywood Starlets

Obviously here at Secrets in Lace we’re all about the glamour, the seduction, the beauty, the total intrigue of vintage fashion. But there’s no denying the fact that no matter how much beautiful lingerie, decadent silks, or delicate lace pieces you own, sometimes you just want to curl up in bed, in your favorite chair, or anywhere that’s not your office desk! This week we’re taking a fun little spin-off of our starlet features by showing that even Hollywood royalty needs to rest every now and then. These vintage pictures show our favorite leading ladies catching a break just as you would.… Read more

Happy Easter from Secrets in Lace!

Easter is here! Regardless of religion and what the holiday means to you, for most people is also always means a celebration of Spring and the warmer days ahead. Today we’re sharing some great items to wear for any upcoming Easter dinners, Spring celebrations, or if you just want to work some lighter colors into your look of the day. Trend you’ll want to keep an eye out for are pastels, bright hues, and lightweight materials.

There’s always room for more stockings! This season, mix it up with our newest arrivals, the Classic RHT stocking now comes in even more colors.… Read more

Silky Smooth Satin Lingerie with Secrets In Lace!

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One of the many reasons we love being a part of Secrets in Lace is not just being able to recreate vintage stockings and remind ourselves why that style was so timeless, but also for the glamour of it all! After all, when you think of our company, or when you wear our garments, we want you to feel absolutely enveloped in decadence and luxury. Following on this theme, today we’re featuring some of our greatest satin items. With that shiny finish, and smooth texture, satin is one of the sexiest fabrics around.

 Our Cabaret Plunge Bra is an endearing design, with a plunging neckline and lots of lift for a little extra oomph!… Read more