Classic Lingerie by Secrets in Lace!

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Talking about, and profiling the different pin-up models of the past as well as modern day models is definitely one of the things we love doing. As you’re reading these blogs and seeing the amazing pictures, you can’t help but envision yourself as one of those models! After all, what is sexier than feeling the confidence and empowerment that always shined through the pin-up models’ photographs? This week we’re not showcasing another model, but instead showing you some go-to garments you can wear to achieve the same look, and encompass the same confidence.

We’ll start with the obvious combination of stockings and garter belts.… Read more

Stock Up On Classic Lingerie with Secrets in Lace!

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Following trends in lingerie is exciting, as well as being able to look back at older trends and see how they have (or haven’t) stuck around. But there are some garments and some styles that just stay absolutely classic. While we love all of our vintage garments for maintaining that classic vibe, today we’re showcasing 3 of the most notable lingerie garments that have stuck around for decades (or centuries!) and how Secrets in Lace has carried on that style to the beautiful garments we sell to you.

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First up, the bullet bra. This is almost a no-brainer as it was an iconic look for many women in the 30’s and on, as it created a cone-like and prominent shape for the chest.… Read more

Burlesque Inspired Styles from Secrets in Lace!

In honor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week, we decided to focus on the attention-grabbing style. Anything around this holiday focuses on vibrant and bright colors along with tons of frills and any over-the-top embellishments to keep everyone’s eyes on you. After reviewing many of these styles there were certainly some similarities to what you’ll find in the world of burlesque performances, so this week we decided to show you some of our favorite burlesque inspiration as well as how to achieve that look on your own. Who says it has to be a holiday to dress like the center of attention?… Read more