Burlesque Inspired Styles from Secrets in Lace!

In honor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week, we decided to focus on the attention-grabbing style. Anything around this holiday focuses on vibrant and bright colors along with tons of frills and any over-the-top embellishments to keep everyone’s eyes on you. After reviewing many of these styles there were certainly some similarities to what you’ll find in the world of burlesque performances, so this week we decided to show you some of our favorite burlesque inspiration as well as how to achieve that look on your own. Who says it has to be a holiday to dress like the center of attention?

First up, Gigi La Femme, a current burlesque star. She’s based in Nashville, Tennessee and is known for her acts going completely nude–but the beauty of burlesque is how they get there! Her stage wardrobe includes our favorite classic vintage items, you’ll see her stockings and garter belt, a waist cincher, and even elbow length gloves. Try our Helen Waist Cincher for a similar look.

Image via Makeupforgirlsofrockroll.blogspot.com

Another modern lady, and one of our favorites is Dita Von Teese. She’s a perfect pin-up model, and fabulous dancer and burlesque performer, and has managed to turn her talents into more than a show, but an entire brand. Dita’s look of porcelain skin, flawless makeup, and perfectly fitted garments give her the illusion of being almost doll-like. Until her performance begins and you realize she does anything but the expected. You can mimic this look with her exclusive stockings, only sold at Secrets in Lace, and the Bettie Blue Garter Belt and Plunge Bra.

While burlesque performers today leave us with no shortage of entertainment, it’s important to remember who they learned it from. Pioneers of the art back in the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s stepped into this profession as a way to exude confidence and embrace femininity. A name that won’t soon be forgotten is Dixie Evans. She was dubbed the Marilyn Monroe of burlesque and continues to be an inspiration to everyone in the burlesque community. Check out the style that started it all, from over the top performances to seductive poses, there was no shortage of bullet bras, stockings, garter belts, and attitude.

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