How to Get an Hourglass Figure With Secrets In Lace!

Today on the blog we’re showing you some of our favorite items that you can wear under your outfits. If you’re a lover of lingerie and vintage fashions, then you’ll agree that what goes underneath your clothes can sometimes be just as important as the outfit you’re wearing! Whether you’re the only one to see these undergarments, or they serve as a sexy surprise for someone special, underwear and lingerie also serves a purpose of creating the perfect shape. Keep reading to see what items you can get for your desired look.

 Getting the hourglass figure is undoubtedly one of the most sought out styles. Corsets are commonly known for helping women achieve that style, so choosing an under bust, or over bust corset are two of the most obvious picks. However, waist cinchers, like our Helen Waist Cincher are also great options for a less restricting feel than the dramatic corset, but will still pull and tighten your torso for the desired look.

Panty girdles will also give a similar look, but are somewhat more practical than a waist cincher or corset, as these can be world under all different types of bottoms, from dresses, to pants, to skirts.

While accentuating a narrow waist is part of achieving the hourglass shape, emphasizing your hips and bust also play a large part in that as well. We love our new high waisted padded panties, that give a little extra lift to your rear. After all, if push-up bras work for the chest, why can’t there be an equivalent for the back?

Shapewear and padded items are great to own, but sometimes a simple slip or crinoline will add all the volume you need. To turn a skirt or dress into a voluptuous party outfit, layer it on top of one of our crinolines. From smaller volume with our Pretty Petti Slip, to a whole 40 yards of fullness in our Chiffon Petticoat, it’s never been easier to create a new look from a dress or skirt you already own.

See just how far great lingerie and shapewear can take you. Not only will you look and feel fantastic, but you’re clothes will look better than ever…although you may be just as excited to show off what’s underneath!

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