Vintage Icon: Sid Avery

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We’ve profiled vintage models, actors, performers, and designers, but there is a third component that we’d like to highlight this week. The photographers! Some of the most inspiring and beautiful pictures we see of vintage fashion, models, and celebrities would not be possible without the talented people who are behind the lens. This week, we’re celebrating the work of Sid Avery, a photographer who became known for his ability to catch the rare candid moment of a celebrity. From Liz Taylor to Marilyn Monroe, Avery produced some amazing shots that will be valued for years to come.



Before he hit it big, he started out working at a camera store in Los Angeles. This experience led him to speaking and interacting with many already established photographers who urged him to take classes and become more involved. Avery took the advice, and even started working as a darkroom assistant before he went to serve in World War II.  Upon his return, he wasted no time in becoming a celebrity photographer who’s work was featured on the cover of national magazines, and was even able to publish his own book, Hollywood at Home, a collection of A-list celebrities during their coveted personal time.



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