How To Wear Black Lace Gloves Like a Hollywood Starlet

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With all our new arrivals rolling in, its impossible not to get excited about it all! From gloves, to panties, to new loungewear, and stockings, there is definitely something for everyone. One that we’re especially excited about are our new Black Lace Gloves. These come in two lengths, but sometimes it can still be hard to figure out how to incorporate them into your outfit, especially for streetwear. On this week’s blog we’re pulling some inspiration from the past to see how women of previous decades rocked this fashion, and what types of events you can wear them to.

First, we’ll show off our most loved new product, the Black Lace Glove in the over the elbow length, as well as the shorter wrist length.


Jackie “O” Kennedy was an american fashion icon. Her classic and sophisticated style is still replicated today. She often times wore gloves to daytime events, as you can see pictured here. She is wearing a solid fabric instead of lace, but you can still see that the shorter length often times can keep the look staying trendy without being overly dressed up.


And since there’s no such thing as too many Marilyn Monroe pictures, check her elegant and flirtatious signature look with these elbow length gloves. These are perfect for a fancy night out, and our black lace pair will match almost any outfit you have!


1940’s starlet Lilli Palmer knows that lace is the way to go! Her sweetheart neckline dress gets a spicy finish with her seductive lace gloves.


And of course, you can always wear your favorite vintage gloves with your lingerie wardrobe as well. Sophia Loren shows us how its done in her curve enhancing corset and gloves. In this case, less is definitely more!


Do you own a pair of vintage gloves? What’s your favorite way to wear them?

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