Classic Films: “Mary Poppins” Turns 50!

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Two of our favorite celebrities from the old Hollywood era have a very big celebration to pay tribute to. Both Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke starred in the well-known Disney film, Mary Poppins. It is remembered as a family favorite that portrays many elements of classic style and a storyline that never gets old. Can you believe that Mary Poppins is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary? Back in 1964 the film debuted and combined both animation and real life, a masterpiece for it’s time! Today, we’re remembering this vintage favorite, and some fun facts that you may not have known.

The adorable story of a nanny coming to work for a stark and cold banker who had disconnected from his family, seems pretty predictable. The nanny teaches them all how to love again, right? Well yes, amongst other things. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke encounter a number of shenanigans, singing and dancing their way through the plot line.

But it took a lot of leg work and patience for the movie to start production. Walt Disney had been in touch with P.L. Travers, the author of the book since 1938 in attempt to get the rights to make the film; more than 20 years later, she agreed. Some of the other casting options for the role of Mary Poppins included Bette Davis and Angela Lansbury. But in the end, Andrews won out. And aren’t we glad that she did? Her iconic Mary Poppins outfits and timeless motherly attitude will not soon be forgotten, not to mention she won an Academy Award for the role!

Dick Van Dyke played Bert, Mary Poppin’s playful partner in crime, and boy did he have some great style! He transformed from soot-filled streetwear to this colorful suit that’s one of the most memorable icons in the film. But, he threw us for a loop by also playing the role of Mr. Dawes Sr., the very old banker who was the boss of Mr. Banks in the film. At the end when the credits rolled, Mr. Dawes Sr. was listed as being played by “Navckid Keyd”, which is an Anagram for Dick Van Dyke. Pretty sneaky, huh?

You could tell by the costuming in the film, that the fashion for the era included lots of frills, layers, ruffles, high collars, hats, gloves, and of course that infamous umbrella! At Secrets in Lace we’re all about timeless looks, so we knew we couldn’t miss an opportunity to look back 50 years to one of the most timeless movies of all times, Mary Poppins. Now who’s ready for a spoonful of sugar?

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