Vintage Style Icon: Claudine Auger

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When you think of vintage starlets, you normally think of those glamorous and unforgettable faces from Hollywood who possess the quintessential red carpet look of fame. Although we love ladies like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Audrey Hepburn, is there anything as sexy as a Bond Girl? There have been over 20 James Bond movies, and not one of them is without the infamous Bond Girl by his side. This week were talking about Claudine Auger, the French actress and pageant winner, but most notably remembered for her role in the James Bond film, Thunderball.

Auger was born and raised in France, and attended the Paris Drama Conservatory where she received her training in acting. In 1958 she started gaining recognition due to winning the Miss France pageant when she was only 17, and then being the first runner up for the Miss World pageant.  Following that, her acting career began in France while she was still a student at the conservatory, where she was able to be cast in a number of French films. She also was known for her relationship with Pierre Gaspard-Huit, the 41 year old director and writer whom Auger married when she was just 18! Pictured below at age 18, you can see her beauty was evident early on.

The role of the Bond Girl in Thunderball was actually originally written for an Italian actress, however Auger pretty much stole the audition and the writers decided to rewrite the role for her specifically. The character’s name was Dominique Derval, or, better known as Domino. Auger had said that she was able to relate to the character, specifically the fact that she had relationships with older men. In the movie, Claudine starred alongside Sean Connery who was James Bond at the time. Check her out on the set of Thunderball below, talk about perfection!

Her life after Bond consisted of continuing to act in many French, Italian, and Spanish films, so much of the American audience that fell in love with her in Thunderball unfortunately didn’t see much more. But that’s not to say that she isn’t remembered! Definitely one of the most seductive Bond girls, Auger also got a ton of publicity after the film for her spread in Playboy.

Auger had later divorced her first husband and remarried to a British businessman with whom she had one child. Today, she is still residing in France and is being as fabulous as ever at 73 years old.


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