Vintage Style Icon: Cary Grant

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We’re getting back in the swing of things for 2015, and we thought there was no better way to start than with a vintage profile of one of our favorite celebrities from the past. This week, we’re choosing Cary Grant. Not only is he considered one of Hollywood’s most memorable actors, but he also had fantastic style which many men envied and many women lusted over.

Grant started his early career on Broadway performing under the name Archie Leach, and then he made the move to Hollywood in 1931. It was then that he needed to switch to a different stage name, and so “Cary Grant” was created. In 1937, he made a great stride in his career starring in the movie The Awful Truth. He starred alongside Irene Dunne where they played couples that were constantly suspicious of each other’s loyalty to one another. The “screwball” comedy got such great reviews that it solidified his place in Hollywood.

Once Grant started getting more attention, audiences soon realized all of his other great talents he had to offer, and was the recipient of an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1970. A large part of his success he can dedicate to his decision to break the mold for most actors at the time and becoming one of the first to not renew his studio contract and go independent in the movie industry. Below is a picture of him from the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film, To Catch a Thief, which Grant made over $700,000 for, an astronomical amount at that time, he was definitely a catch!

And of course as a leading man in Hollywood, his personal life was on display as well.  Between five different marriages, one long-term girlfriend, and one child resulting out of all of them, Cary Grant was always in the headlines. Regardless of the media and public’s view of Grant, there was no denying his acting expertise and his dashing style and charming good looks.

What are your favorite Cary Grant films?

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