Your Favorite Starlets Are Ready For Spring!

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In honor of the first day of Spring which occurred last week, this week we’re getting in the mood for spring fashion by taking a look back at some of our favorite vintage starlets in adorable looks.  We looked to these women and this time period for inspiration in our lingerie garments, so why not do the same with their streetwear? Keep reading and check out the gorgeous pictures to get some inspiration for what to wear as the temperatures slowly but surely climb to a higher level.

We’ll start out with a fan favorite, Marilyn Monroe. While she sure knew how to wear a white dress or the iconic bathing suit, here she shows that she could wear a classic daytime outfit just as well.… Read more

Celebrate spring with our fashionable new arrivals!

We are so excited to be getting so many of our new spring arrivals in, and in addition to our amazing new lingerie pieces, we have also expanded our outerwear as well. After all, a true lover of vintage fashion usually wants to be able to work it into all aspects of their wardrobe, not just lingerie. Today, we’re creating the perfect outfit that you can seamlessly transition from the office to date night.

As with any outfit, you’ll need to start with the right lingerie. We chose our new Elizabeth Open Bottom Girdle in the striking black color. The side zipper makes this a user-friendly piece of lingerie to get on and off, and will help transform your torso into that perfectly shaped hourglass figure.… Read more

Vintage Starlet Profile: Juliet Prowse (and those long legs!)

We just keep ‘em coming with our vintage starlet profiles! Just when we think we’ve profiled all of our favorites, we remember one more! This week, we’re focusing on Juliet Prowse. A woman who was born in Bombay, India found herself dancing and performing at an early age it didn’t take long before she was spotted and offered more professional roles.

Juliet captured the attention of many as a dancer, and her signature long legs. She had been under a signed contract in Spain which had held her back from going to the United States earlier. But when she was spotted dancing in Paris during her early twenties she was recruited by a talent agency who offered her a role in the film, Can-Can (1960).… Read more