Celebrate spring with our fashionable new arrivals!

We are so excited to be getting so many of our new spring arrivals in, and in addition to our amazing new lingerie pieces, we have also expanded our outerwear as well. After all, a true lover of vintage fashion usually wants to be able to work it into all aspects of their wardrobe, not just lingerie. Today, we’re creating the perfect outfit that you can seamlessly transition from the office to date night.

As with any outfit, you’ll need to start with the right lingerie. We chose our new Elizabeth Open Bottom Girdle in the striking black color. The side zipper makes this a user-friendly piece of lingerie to get on and off, and will help transform your torso into that perfectly shaped hourglass figure. The six-strap girdle goes strikingly well with our Eva Outline Heel Stocking, which has a unique sheer outline heel, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a work of art!
Our black Erika Skirt goes well with any of our fashionable blouses, but for Springtime, there’s no better feeling than being able to slip into something a little lighter-weight like our short sleeved Ashley Blouse. It’s a retro style with small black polka dots and a subtle ruffle down the front and on the sleeves. This blouse is pretty sheer, so for the office you can pair it on top of a camisole, or wear it with a sweater overtop.

If you’re going to wear something overtop of the sheer blouse, we can’t think of a better option than our brand new Andrea Sweater. It comes in four beautiful pastel colors–pink, lilac, mint, and white. This is a full length sweater, so it will look great buttoned up with pants, or left partially opened with a high waisted skirt. For the outfit we created, we like the white best to stick with the black and white theme, but any of these colors can easily be worked into your already existing wardrobe.
If you’re headed out on a date after work, slip off your sweater, and show off the sheerness of the Ashley Blouse. Something like our Cabaret Plunge Bra in black will subtly show through your blouse for a sexy impact.
With all of our undergarments and fashionable outerwear, it’s a cinch to put together a classic look that effortlessly works for your whole day. This way, no matter where you are and who you’re with, you can show off your elegant and vintage style!

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