This Week’s Starlet has Style as Smooth and Beautiful as Her Voice: Billie Holiday!

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Often times on our blog, the vintage starlets we highlight were models, actors, and dancers. This week, however, we’re putting the spotlight on a woman who’s as beautiful as her voice. Billie Holliday was an American born jazz singer who rose to fame after a tumultuous childhood and upbringing, and she certainly made a name for herself and will forever be remembered as one of the greats in jazz music.
Born in Philadelphia to the name Eleanora Fagan, her father, a jazz musician was not involved in her life but she certainly got a lot of her talent from him. Her mother was also noted as being absent from her life while she tried to work to earn more money for the family.… Read more

Mother’s Day Is Around The Corner, Do You Have A Gift?

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th this year, and like every holiday it will sneak up on us! If there’s a woman in your life who has been a great mother to your kids, then you know just how important this day is. Show her how much you appreciate all of her help by spoiling her like she deserves on Mother’s Day. Secrets in Lace has tons of amazing gift options that you’ll want to share with her. Be sure you order soon so you can ensure an on-time delivery for the holiday!

“Glamour Lounging” is a term we love using, after all, what’s better than finally getting some quality time to relax than by doing it in luxurious and elegant loungewear?… Read more

Take A Look Back At Our Brief History Of Corsetry!

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One of the most notable pieces of vintage fashion, and vintage lingerie is the corset. Historically speaking, this style goes way back, but it’s shaping power and feminine appeal is alive and well today. On the blog today, we’re going back and taking a look at the history of corsets to see all of the different ways they were used for fashion and function, and how their various shaping mechanisms went beyond the traditional hourglass shape.

While the corset shape has been traced back for hundreds of years, the 16th century is where we will pick up today, as styles previous to this were not associated with fashion.… Read more

Pink Pastels Make For Gorgeous Spring And Summer Lingerie

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One of the biggest parts of transitioning to a new season can be determined by the colors of your clothes. While the fall and winter generally feature richer and darker tones, spring and summer are full of light, breezy, and pastel tones. One of our favorite colors for lingerie is pink, and we thought that we’d do a round-up of all our favorite pink garments that are beautiful all year round, but especially perfect for this time of year!

Our Satin Bullet Bra and coordinating Retro Garter Belt are feminine with their light pink color, but totally sexy with black lace detailing and made from luxurious satin-like fabric.… Read more