Bombshell “Bond Girl” Ursula Andress Still Has Our Hearts!

Our vintage style icons that we profile on our blog come from all different walks of life and all have different types of careers too. Some were TV actresses, movie actresses, or sometimes just Broadway. Whatever it is, they always provided us years of entertainment but regardless of where they came from or what they accomplished, their style and beauty was what caught our eye. And those two attributes could not be more telling than they were for the beautiful Ursula Andress. She’s this week’s Hollywood starlet, and as a Bond Girl, we’re excited to show off some of her best looks!… Read more

Starlet of the Week: Greta Garbo

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a classic movie, especially when it’s filled with your favorite actors and actresses. Today, we’re featuring one of those much loved actresses—Greta Garbo. She embodied the classic beauty that we all love, but was also one of the most talented actresses of her time. Her career boasts appearances in 28 movies along with 4 Academy Awards.  Keep reading to learn more about her upbringing, life in the spotlight, as well as some great pictures of her both on and off set.

Greta was born in Sweden in 1905. She was the youngest of three children and was described as shy and preferring to play alone than with other kids her age.… Read more

Stockings vs Pantyhose, Which Do You Prefer?

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Our blog isn’t just about great fashion, we love discussing and educating others on the different types of garments as well. While we’re known for our stockings, today we’re going to focus on the difference between stockings and pantyhose. Two great garments that we sell on our website, however they’re different from each other and can be worn for different purposes, or just for your own personal preference. Keep reading to see what you might not have known!


Stockings, are garments that are made to cover women’s legs, and historically have come as two separate items.  Meaning that you have one stocking for one leg, and another for your other leg, and they are not connected by a crotch or waistband.… Read more

Stockings Throughout the Decades

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At Secrets In Lace we’re known for our world famous stockings, so this week we decided to take a look back at the history of stockings for a little vintage inspiration. Stockings started as a way to keep women’s legs warm, however throughout the decades they morphed into a fashion statement, and hosiery became a style of it’s own. Keep reading this week to see how they changed over the years, and you’ll see why we’re so passionate about keeping our stockings as close to these styles as possible.

The 1920’s was the start of the flapper era, and with shorter dresses being in style, women were excited to be able to show off their legs.… Read more

Pamper Yourself in our Favorite Satin Lingerie!

Who doesn’t love being surrounded by soft and luxurious fabric? One of the best things about quality lingerie is not just the beautiful designs and sexy appeal, but also having them made out of fabrics that you’ll love feeling against your skin all day long. Today, we’re featuring some of our most loved satin-like garments. From panties to bullet bras, and all of your favorite loungewear, these items are made for pampering and treating yourself like a queen!

We’ll start out with the basics, because who doesn’t need panties? Our Retro Satin Panties come in six great colors–you can almost have a different pair for every day!… Read more