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National Stocking Day is October 19th, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate! This is basically our Christmas, and with this wonderful holiday coming up, we’re also offering you some discounts on our products as well as a chance to win a $50 gift card! Because if there’s anything better than celebrating the beauty of stockings, its being able to save a few bucks along the way. First, any of our shoppers can enjoy a 10% discount from the Leg Salon by simply using the code “NSD” at the checkout. There’s also a chance to win a gift card by posting a picture of yourself in your favorite Secrets in Lace product and using the hashtag: #secretsinlace. This can be posted on either Facebook on Instagram, and can be done until Friday, October 23rd when we select the winner. Of course the photo style and creativity are required, and please, no nudity – after all we want you to show off the wonderful products!  Feeling inspired? Whether you’ll be entering the contest or not, we can all celebrate our love for stockings, and we’ve included some of our favorite fun facts about vintage stockings.

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Back in the 1500’s, stockings were known as “hose” and were worn primarily by men. They were knitted by a machine and were usually made from wool, cotton, or silk. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that rayon served as a cheaper alternative. Elizabeth I got her very first pair of silk stockings during the 1560’s and instantly fell in love. Could you blame her? From then on, she continued to collect stockings in various colors, materials, and designs.

Image: cilean.hubpages.com

While stockings are obviously a round shape to fit your leg, fully fashioned stockings are created  flat first, and then brought together by the exposed backseam that is so popular in stocking designs.

Image: atomicredhead.com

Nylon was invented by the engineering and research company, DuPont in 1939 and allowed us to create a whole new type of stocking with this material. Unlike rayon, and especially silk, Nylon was not as sensitive to moisture but still had the glossy sheen that made them so attractive. The first batch of Nylon stockings appeared at stores in New York, and over 72,000 pairs were sold just in one day!

Image: flashbak.com

You could say we were somewhat addicted to the look of the stockings, during the shortage during the war stockings were nearly impossible to find. As a result women would paint their legs and actually draw a backseam up the back of their leg! Now that’s dedication.

Image: Pinterest.com

While we probably won’t have another serious shortage in nylon stockings anytime soon, it still doesn’t hurt to stock up on a few more fabulous pairs. Head over to SecretsInLace.com and don’t forget to use the discount code on October 19th! Happy National Stocking Day!

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