Giving The Gift Of Glamour Lounging This Holiday Season!

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Hopefully you all scored some amazing deals on Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and in a perfect world all of your holiday shopping would be done! But that’s just not realistic, so we’ll be offering blogs weekly throughout the rest of the year to give you some helpful ideas for giving the perfect gift this season.  Today we’re focusing on great loungewear items for the glamorous diva in your life!

If you’ve landed yourself a lady who loves lounging, it’s important that she do so in style. After all, how else would our favorite starlets from the past do it? As per usual, looking to icons like Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe (and many others) gave us the perfect inspiration for glamour lounging. And our Ostrich Trimmed Robe could not be more perfect! This has been a favorite and best seller for years, and for an unforgettable gift that will last for a lifetime, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful look.

 For more low-key lounging, our tailored and silk pajamas are another tried and true favorite. You can find these in a couple different options – the Andrea Tailored Pajama which is made from 100% silk and embodies pure decadence, this is one of our hottest new arrivals. You’ll want to be extra careful with the care and laundering of silk, so if you’re looking for a similar look with a little easier care, the Tailored Pajama which is made from 100% nylon has a silky smooth look and feel with less sensitive fabric.

Can’t make up your mind? It never fails to turn to items that all coordinate well with each other. This way you can give her a great starter set, and anything from that collection she buys in the future will also work perfectly with it. The Dominique Collection has so many options to mix and match, you’ll never run out of looks! With different colors that work with different seasons, the lace camisole, tap pant, or satin panty can be coordinated any number of ways. Or, if you’re looking for something just a little fancier, we also offer the Andrea Silk Panty, which is similar to the Satin Panty, but made from 100% silk.


As you can probably tell, the pajama sets, camisole and panty sets, and even the robes can all create stunning vintage and classic looks. For the softest comfort and timeless style, you can’t go wrong with loungewear from Secrets in Lace this holiday!

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