Classic Romance Movies for Valentine’s Day

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We’re taking a quick break from Valentine’s Day lingerie and shopping ideas – we’re sure you see enough of that as it is! Instead, this week we’re sharing some of our favorite classic romance movies. Often starring some of our favorite vintage starlets, this list includes (but is not limited to) some of the most iconic storylines and timeless tales. Perfect for spending a night in with your significant other, or enjoying on your own as you relax in your vintage loungewear. It’s always a good night to escape reality and go back in time with these classic titles.

How could we have this list without mentioning Casablanca? The 1942 film set during World War II tells the story of a nightclub owner who runs into an old lover of his, unfortunately for him, she is at the arm of her current husband who happens to be a notorious rebel trying to escape from the Germans. Played by Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid, this A-list cast gives you a performance that rarely leaves a dry eye in the room.

Gone With The Wind is another favorite that is so timeless, it’s still required reading in most schools’ English classes! This film which came out in 1939 focuses on a love story during the Civil War. Scarlett O’Hara who is in constant pursuit of her first love, Ashley Wilkes, goes through a lifetime of hardship and tragedy from constant war, and has to balance her undying love for Ashley, other marriages, and her relationship with Rhett Butler all while trying to understand her true happiness and what many saw as denial. The cast, starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Thomas Mitchell, amongst others, will have you hooked in this intricate and emotional plot.

If you’re in the mood for something that’s a little more than romance, Notorious (1946) might be the one for you. This combination of a thriller, spy, romance, and drama will have you on the edge of your seat (even if this is your 10th time seeing it and you know what happens), and is undoubtedly one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most successful films. The cast includes Cary, Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and Claude Rains – three unsuspecting characters whose lives begin to intertwine as they are all part of an act of espionage.

Finally, another favorite from the 40’s is Gilda (1946) which stars our favorite Rita Hayworth, George Macready, and Glenn Ford. The movie follows the story of a small-time crook who becomes an apprentice of sorts to a casino owner that just so happens to become the husband of his ex-lover. While you would think the love triangle would be as straightforward as two old lovers rekindling their emotions, this plot involves a little more deceit and manipulation in addition to romance.

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