Celebrate Spring with SIL!

Spring has sprung! The days are getting longer, brighter, and sunnier. With spring come birds chirping, flowers blooming, and pastels emerging. From winter to summer, spring is the lovely middle where colors rise out of her storage closet and back into the wardrobe and where pastels come out to shine. Pastels are elegant, pristine, and classy, just like the graceful lady in your life.  Add a little texture with flirty ruffles and satin, and she’ll feel as delicate and beautiful as a flower.


Ruffle Trim Garter Belt

Ruffle Trim Garter Belt

Let us ease into the season with an accessory. The Ruffle Trim Garter Belt is a six-strap garter belt made for comfort and impeccable support.… Read more

Get Inspired By 1950’s Spring Fashion!

Spring means fresh air and the scent of new blossoming flowers! Spring time is also a great time for fashion, so here are some of the most memorable pieces from the Spring season of 1950. Many would argue that this was part of the golden age of fashion and glamour.

The 1950’s was a great time to live. The war was over and so was the end of rationing. This meant that there was enough time and material to dramatically change the world of fashion. During the war many things were rationed, including clothes and materials for clothing, so after the war the fashion industry changed dramatically.… Read more

The Golden Age of Pinups!

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Pinups experienced their golden age during WWII. It was the first time the US military endorsed pictures of pinups in magazines, calendars, and solo shots. Decorating servicemen’s lockers, sides of planes, and barrack walls, these pictures were meant to raise morale and spirits of the young servicemen as a means to remind them of home and to motivate them. The pinup was most popular during WWII; however, pinups still inspire classic fashion, photography, and self-expression. This week, we are going to recognize some of the most iconic pinups – pinups that served a unique position and purpose for the brave servicemen of that time.… Read more

Vintage Romance: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Wedding season is upon us, and how better to start it than to remember one of the most iconic dresses worn by one of the most iconic women of our time. Yes, we are talking about Grace Kelly, hollywood starlet and later Princess of Monaco.

Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia. She was the youngest of three children and came from a affluent family that was influential in both local politics and the art and drama community. Her graduation yearbook listed Ingrid Bergman as her favorite actress and her graduation “prophecy” was one of fame and fortune.… Read more

4 Classic Dates to Keep the Romance Alive!

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a classic date. Enjoy a date that will always remind you why you have that special someone in your life; a date that screams class, romance, and simplicity. Let’s bring classic back and fall in love all over again.

Going to the Movies:

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart enjoyed their private romance, but they would still frequent small movie theaters to enjoy a film together. It’s always exciting experiencing a new film with your leading lady, side-by-side, just waiting for your hands to brush together while reaching for the popcorn between you two. There’s something fun about having a date where you don’t speak to each other but can still feel the electricity between each other.… Read more