Classic American Hot Rods!

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‘Vroom ‘vroom! The sound of a strong engine, in a sleek automobile, catching the eyes around you. American innovation has been changing the automotive industry since before the good ole Model T. Some of the most transformative American inventions include automatic transmissions, production V8 engines, and the legendary “muscle car.” American cars embody performance, status, luxury, innovation, and so much more. They have been symbols of post-war prosperity and patriotism, and have continued to be icons and trailblazers.

Ford Mustang

“Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.” Sorry, Mr. Pickett, but the Ford Mustang is and will forever be an American classic, and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon.… Read more

Classic Hollywood Gents: The Life of Charlie Chaplin!

rongThis week we’re branching out and covering some of the famous men who influenced and were involved with our favorite classic Hollywood starlets! First up is the incomparable Charlie Chaplin. 

Early Years

Born in London, England on April 16, 1889, Charlie Chaplin is widely regarded as one of the biggest stars, and one of the most important figures in motion-picture history. As a child, Chaplin worked with a children’s’ dance troupe before becoming an iconic figure of the silent-film era. Not only did he help shape the industry as an actor, but also as a comedian, producer, director, writer, and composer.… Read more

Get That Perfect Hourglass Shape With a Corset from Secrets in Lace!

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An hourglass is a mechanical device used to measure the passing of time. The shape usually comprises of 2 balanced bulbs connected by a narrow neck that regulates the rate at which the material, usually sand, passes. This seemingly simple device inspired what is now a very popular way to describe a particular body shape. Women who have an hourglass body, now is your time to shine.

If a woman has an hourglass shape, it means her bust and hips are well balanced and have a beautifully defined waist. The key to dressing this body type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of her body while accentuating her waist.… Read more

Rewind to the Good Tunes!

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Music, today, is definitely not what is once was. Electronic music dominates the radio and pop artists dress up in crazy costumes. Rewind a couple of decades and we’ll return to the time when music had purpose and was raw with talent. Real singers. Real instruments. Real artists. These artists transformed not only the music industry, but also culture and societal norms. Before “Bieber Fever,” there was the cultural phenomenon of “Beatlemania.” Add the music of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan and we have two of the most influential music artists of all time. Let’s dive a little deeper.

In Liverpool, England in the year 1960, 4 men created a rock band that pioneered the rock era.… Read more