Window to the Past: Napoleons Love Letter

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Do you remember the time before Hallmark stores filled our needs for words? The time when greeting cards didn’t exist? Some do, some don’t. Well for those who don’t remember , it was a time when people needed to use their own words to profess their feelings, thoughts, and emotions with others. Whether they did this face to face or better eternalizing them in handwritten letters. The eloquent raw nature of these interactions was what made these moments and items irreplaceable. Some of the most beautiful handwritten letters that we’ve been able to find are exchanges between two lovers. Below is one of intoxication – a love so profound that it was overwhelming.… Read more

Silk Lingerie From Secrets in Lace!

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The feeling of silk is incomparable. It’s the feeling and embodies the look of elegance, class, and indulgence. It’s luxurious and sexy and can make a woman feel unstoppable. This week, we are going to feature some of our favorite silk pieces that is going to make any woman look and feel gorgeous.

Dominique Camisole

Dominique Camisole

Our Dominique Camisole is elegant and reflects that of vintage style. This camisole is made of sensuous charmeuse satin and is trimmed with beautiful lace. This piece features working buttons, and is available in a variety of color combinations including champagne ivory with champagne lace, pink and black lace, and red with black lace.… Read more

Hosiery is Timeless!

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Today, hosiery seems like an option most women opt out of, especially in the warmer months. However, before the 1940s, women wouldn’t leave the house without wearing a pair of stockings. At the time, it was considered extremely inappropriate for women to be bare legged in public unless they were at the beach. Stockings are usually made of rayon, nylon, or silk.

With WWII came a need for the same materials that made stockings to make tents, parachutes, and other war needs. Therefore, women from all over the country would donate their hosiery for the war effort. This however, meant that there would be a huge shortage of silk and nylon stockings – creating a void for women who were accustomed to having them as staple pieces in their everyday wardrobe.… Read more

Sheer For The Summer!

The summer is great for so many things: picnics, trips to the beach, etc. But the one thing that can put a bit of a damper on summer fun is the heat. No need to worry, we have some sheer pieces that are not only incredibly classy and beautiful, but also light enough to keep you cool in the summer evenings. Sheer fabric is wonderful because it automatically adds a level of elegance and sexiness to any article of clothing, let alone a piece of lingerie. It is such a delicate way to make a bold statement. Below, we have some pieces that are the perfect addition to any woman’s lingerie collection.… Read more