Fall Fashion Through the Decades!

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, here at Secrets and Lace, we are so excited for cooler weather! The cooler weather means you can wear your vintage sweaters, boots, and of course more stockings and garter belts! But today, instead of showing you what we have in stock on the SIL website, how about we talk to you about the different outfits and eras you can wear. We are inspired by the retro and classic styles of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Be prepared to see classic high waisted skirts, plaid, and bell bottom pants. These are some of the most iconic clothing of those time periods.


Let’s start off with something that we are well acquainted with, the 1950’s. This was a wonderful time in fashion where women wore beautiful skirts and wonderful patterns and colors. This was the time when Christian Dior, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe were all fashion icons. Christian dior gave the world a more refined woman with a chic hourglass figure. Marilyn Monroe gave the world sex appeal, while Grace Kelly showed every women how to dress with grace and style.


Fashion in the 1950’s was very clean and tailored. Dresses and skirts fit well on a woman, without being skin tight. A way that woman of today can dress like this is by searching for clothing that fits you. Find a skirt that is at a comfortable length in a fabric and pattern that you enjoy and grab light sweater to wear with it. This is a great outfit, especially if you are looking for something that will look great over shapewear and garter belts.


The 1960’s was such an iconic time in fashion transitioning from modest full skirts to mini skirts and dresses. During this time, there were just so many style icons that there would be no room to talk about this decade’s fashion. Here are just some of the names and faces that truly shaped the world of fashion. From influential model Twiggy to first lady Jackie Onassis, the fashion during this decade varied. The first half of this decade was very similar to the 1950’s, but around the year of 1965, designers and musicians were transforming what women could and should wear.


Twiggy, being one of the biggest faces of the decade, wore heavy eye makeup and a very short boyish hair cut. This was while woman like Audrey Hepburn were influencing fashion through her films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady. Whether you want to wear gogo boots and mini dresses like Nancy Sinatra or the prim skirt suits and oversized sunglasses of Jackie Onassis, this fall you can wear a piece of both. Go out and find a mini mod dress and pair it with a pair of Jackie O sunglasses and make sure you are covered with a thick shift coat.


Let’s move on to the 1970’s! This was a time of expression in art in every sense of the word. The fashion during the time was influenced by music, war, and the media. The world was seeing the news differently and music videos and concerts. Woodstock and the growing use of drugs in the generation caused the explosion of psychedelic colors and patterns. Women were beginning to fight for more rights and wore clothing that were more gender neutral.


Some of the most famous fashion icons were Ziggy Stardust, Cher, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Woman like Furstenberg, the woman who invented the wrap dress, were looking for clothing that would be comfortable while fitting multiple body types. David Bowie was an innovator in the boundaries of what was feminine and masculine clothing. Women were beginning to wear more pants and embrace their sexuality. Music festivals such as Woodstock helped the growth of the hippie movement. Just grab a wrap dress or some bell bottom jeans. Shapewear such as body briefs look great under wrap dresses.

Whether you wear a full high waisted skirt, a mini mod dress, or bell bottom jeans, these are great ways to keep warm while being super chic and retro. With the trend of wearing vintage and retro clothing coming back again, have fun wearing clothing that emulate these beautiful decades.

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