Retro Halloween Treats and Deeds

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Halloween is just over a week away! Last week we had fun picking out our pumpkins, this week we are letting you have some fun with some old fashioned Halloween themed snacks and games.


Once you have gutted and carved your beautiful pumpkins, you’ll be left with all these pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are a great way to make sure you got your money’s worth out of a single vegetable. These treats can be made sweet or savory, like flavored popcorn or Chex Mix. Here are some recipes that are simple and fun to make with your family.


Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:


  1. Separate the seeds from the stringy pulp

  2. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F

  3. Wash seeds under cold water in colander

  4. Do not blot seeds with towel or paper towel

  5. Place seeds on a oiled pan

  6. Place pan in oven for 30 minutes to dry out

  7. Season seeds by tossing the seeds in olive oil and your choice in flavor


Sweet:  Mix cinnamon and sugar, then sprinkle mixture on top of oiled seeds

Simple Savory: Sprinkle seeds with salt or other seasoning such as italian or taco.


  1. After seasoning place back in oven for 20 more minutes to crisp up.


You can eat these seeds by themselves as a snack or add it into a pack or granola. They are the perfect treat to help to remind you of the season. You can also package them up in cute themed bags or jars and give them away to friends, family members and neighbors!


Pumpkin seeds are wonderful snacks, but if you are looking for something a little more interactive how about bobbing for apples. This simple and timeless game is fun for everyone no matter how old or young you may be.


The game is simple, fun, and you don’t need much. Get the right crowd and bobbing for apples will be fun for all. All you will need is a large wide mouth bucket with no holes, a hose, and some apples. The game is fun for kids as is, but make sure they’re supervised while they play!


This game can even be a part of your decorations. Find a cheap sturdy bucket, then paint it black to give it an antique cauldron appearance. Add a witch doll next to it and you and your party are bobbing for apples in a witch’s brew.


Another game you can host is a Halloween trivia night. Gather all your horror movie buffs and battle your classic slasher flick knowledge. You can even theme your party based on the settings in the films, such as decorating the walls with green and stripes or have a camp out like Friday the 13th. You can even send out invitations telling your guest to dress up as characters from each film – we suggest vintage horror films, of course!


You have the party theme, the game, and the people – all you need now is the food. The food can be traditional Halloween food from graveyard cookies and cupcakes to buffalo wings that look like bloody chicken parts. Add beakers and dry ice around the table to give your table a spooky feel while you feed your guest.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our ideas for a great classic Halloween celebration!

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