Vintage Winter Fashion

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With winter fast approaching, we really are excited to see you all in some vintage winter wear. This week we decided to give you a boost of inspiration from the always stylish 1950’s! We are talking about long wool coats, adorable princess coats, cute hats, and gorgeous long gloves.

Let’s talk about one of the most iconic piece of winter fashion: the full coat. These pieces of fashion history are still popular today. These coats were called multiple names and came in a wide array of shapes. We are going to talk about the long swing coat, the princess coat, the box coat, and the variety in between.

Here is the long coat. This effective way of keeping warm is chic and timeless. These coats come in a wide range of colors but nothing looks as classic like the color black. These coats are usually accented with gold or brass buttons giving a small and beautiful contrast against the solid black fabric. The contrast gives you enough glamour to shine through even the harshest of snowstorms.

What made and make these coats timeless were the shapes. These were made to easily slip over any outfit. Whether you are wearing a full skirt or a fitted suit, the bulkiness and simple designs of these coats look amazing over everything.

Most of these coats came with belts to cinch around the waist to give a woman a more feminine appeal. Because of the hyper feminine fashion trends of the time, princess coats were practically the most worn coat of the 50’s. These beautiful coats were so flattering on everyone, and it were made to compliment a woman’s full dress or skirt. These also came in a number of colors and patterns making them an easy and warm piece to put over an outfit.

The box coat was made for a woman who didn’t want the extra bulky long coat. This simple and elegant addition to a woman’s closet was all she needed to transition from fall to full winter. The box coat gets its name from the shape and silhouette this piece gives to the wearer. This piece hung very wide and straight on a woman’s body and usually hit around the bottom of her hips. These coats had beautiful pleating to drape over the body just right.

During the 50’s it was also very popular to match your hats and shoes. Because of the cold weather, women would add a simple hat to an ensemble. These not only to give her outfit a more put together appearance but helped to protect her hair and ears from the cold winter wind. These hats would usually match her entire outfit, including her dress and purse.

The most popular shoes during the 50’s were simple ankle boots or oxfords. Oxfords were probably the most popular shoes for any casual occasion as well. These adorable shoes helped a woman’s foot stay covered and comfortable. The ankle boots of the 50’s were slightly different in shape and design because most of the boots made were made to keep a woman’s foot warm. Some of these boots would be made with fur lining all depending on what she could afford.

And last but not least, the beautiful gloves. These gloves were made to go with any outfit or event that a woman would go to. A simple way to keep hands and fingers nice and toasty was also seen as the perfect way to top off an outfit. These glamorous additions to an outfit came in a variety of sizes and fabrics. Some were just wrist length and made of lace or leather, while others were made with satin and silk and stretched all the way to the elbow. Gloves were a great way to dress up winter outfit or elegantly compliment a gown for a special event.

We hope these little piece of vintage fashion inspire you to build your closet up for the upcoming season. The fall and winter seasons are a great time to invest in a petticoat to fluff up your dress under a princess coat, or to experiment with wearing long gloves with a coat or dress. Let us know how you add a little vintage style to your winter outfits!

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