The Hostess With a Vintage Flare!

Are you planning on hosting your own holiday party? We all love the classic image of a hostess dressed in her holiday dress decorating the table and the Christmas tree to the sound of a Bing Crosby record. This week we’re going to bask in a little holiday nostalgia and show you how to get that classic holiday party look and feel.

Let’s start off with how you can set the mood for your party. The easiest ways to give your home and party a boost of Christmas spirit is play some classic Christmas music and light a holiday candle. One of greatest Christmas album created was by Bing Crosby in 1945. This amazing album consisted of Silent Night, Jingle Bells, and almost all the songs you grew up listening to. Not only are the songs amazing on this album but also the rich tone of Mr. Crosby’s voice really brings you to the true realization that it is finally Christmas.

Your memory of what Christmas smells like is personal, but for us it smells like cinnamon apples and fresh balsam. These scents bring us back to a time where people enjoyed time with their families and seeing the snow fall. The crisp smell of balsam reminds us of the Christmas tree while the cinnamon apples take us back to mom’s pie and wonderful warmth of a busy kitchen.

As the record plays in the background, you can prepare a Christmas feast. You can always have Chinese like Ralphie’s family did in A Christmas Story. Having this unusual dinner would be a fun and retro twist that will make your party unique. Try these fun and easy recipes to channel a classic Christmas feast that is festive and unexpected!

Holiday Fortune Cookies:

Roasted Duck:

Use the duck the same way you would use a turkey, ham, or chicken as your main course. Use the fortune cookies as decorations by sprinkling them around the table, setting them in glass containers for dessert, or placing a one at each guest’s place setting as a sweet welcome gift.

Here are a few ways you can decorate your table. Using a white tablecloth is traditional, but laying a nice festive colored tablecloth can be nice as well. Place your main meat in the middle and surround it with your side dishes. Because you have such unconventional dessert and main dish, we have some recipes for a classic dish and perhaps a new way to cook a potato as well.

Classic Stuffing:

Christmas Hasselback Potatoes:

After you have placed all your dishes on your nice rich green tablecloth, you can now place the finishing touches onto the table. You can place your guest names in pinecones, which you can get at any craft store. Place a few poinsettia branches and leaves on the table to brighten up the table. After the main part of the table has been set you can put lace paper doilies underneath each place setting to remind the guest of gorgeous winter snow.

Anita Dress

Anita Dress

After the right ambiance has been created and and the food is done, it’s time to go get dressed before your guests arrive. The Anita Dress from our Angie Pontani collection will be the main focus of the night. This drop dead gorgeous dress is simple and classy while the back creates a lovely and unexpected profile The generous pleating in the skirts helps create a classic hourglass figure while the sheer lace trimmed back gives an air of sophistication and sex appeal. It’s your party, so you deserve to look good!

What are your favorite holiday party traditions?

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