Three Ideas for a Retro Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just days away, how about we show you a few ways you can take your date out on a truly vintage date. This week we are happy to give you a few ideas to give your significant other a Valentine’s date to remember!

Valentine’s Day may be on a weekday, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the fun. If the weather allows, why not plan a picnic at your favorite park. You can pick out that classic red and white-checkered blanket to sit on show that special person the foods you like and hopefully how wonderful you are in the kitchen. With a picnic you have all the power of the menu, which means you don’t have to worry about the restaurant running out of your favorite entree or deserts. Watch the sunset and at the end pull out a bottle of wine or champagne to share.

Mix modern technology with the greatness of a black and white film. If you are lucky enough to be living in an area with a large open wall or space hookup you phone or computer to a projector and play your favorite classic film. Through this you can show your partner what kind of films you like. This may even show off your sensitive side if you decide to pick a sappy romantic drama. Grab a big enough blanket to share and movie snacks. This is also a great reason to finally clean off those lawn chairs you’ve been hoarding in your garage.

Want some more culture in your love life? How about signing you and your lover up for a dancing class. This is an amazingly fun way to feel intimate again. Open your ears to exotic and foreign music and move your body like never before. After you’ve had the fun of dancing, why not go to a dinner that correlates to the culture of the origin of your dance lesson. If you decide to learn how to tango, go have dinner at your local Latin American hotspot. Show how exciting you can be in just a few hours.

Delicate Babydoll by Secrets in Lace

After your date, shower her in some stunning lingerie. Here is the one of our favorite babydolls. The Delicate Babydoll comes in this gorgeous soft pink that will look great on just about anyone. This piece comes in an array of sizes ranging from small to 2X. Because this babydoll is a set, you won’t have to remember to buy the matching pieces.

Don’t forget the flowers and chocolates too!

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