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The bride and groom will always be the main attraction during a wedding, but the bridesmaid are not too hard to recognize as well. Have you ever wondered why you choose the people you do for your bridal party? Or when did having a bridesmaid become a popular and traditional part of your wedding?

Sheer Glove Elbow by Secrets in Lace

We all love having our closest friends and family surrounding us, especially for special events. Seeing your wedding party as people who have loved and care for you makes sense why we want our bridesmaids to look the best that they can, and have them apart of something so dear as a wedding. Here is some background into why we have bridesmaids.

Weddings have been dates back for a long time, but bridesmaids go back to the time of the ancient romans. The role of these women, chosen to stand by the bride, were there to protect the bride from evil spirits. The romans, during the time, were deeply superstitious and feared that these evil spirits would curse and harm the bride on her wedding day. That is why the bridesmaids wore similar garb as the bride to confuse the spirits. As time went on the fear of evil spirits attacking the couple died down and women did not have to wear the same dress as the bride.  Today many brides prefer that the bridesmaids wear  to the same dress to make the wedding look organized and clean.

We hope that this little bit of history helps you and your friends find the perfect dress for your perfect day. Just as a reminder Secrets in Lace also makes stunning dresses that will make perfect bridesmaid dresses. Here are a few of our favorite dresses that are stunning for any vintage or retro wedding.


Gina Dress by Secrets in Lace

The Gina Dress is fun, light, and plain adorable. Covered in a stunning floral print, making this a wonderful dress for your bridesmaids to wear for your dream spring or summer wedding. The length is modest and the skirt is light enough to be comfortable to wear in the heat or breeze of spring and summer. Your bridesmaids will love these dresses so much they’ll wear them even after your wedding day. The aline design of the dress will also look amazing on a number of body types as well. Feed your love for vintage flare by putting your loving friends in a dress just as stunning as they are.


Claudia Dress by Secrets in Lace

The  Claudia dress is a little different than your traditional bridesmaid dress, but will look equally amazing for your wedding. This rich fiery red dress will shock and amaze all your wedding guest. If you are a bride who loves a classic color scheme of black, white, and red this may just be the dress for your bridesmaids. The neckline is gorgeous and will show off the skin tones and gorgeous figures of all of your girls. The rich stark red fabric will make their bouquets pop. As your bridesmaid line up beside you they will become a part of the overall aesthetic for your wedding.

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