Glamorous Gloves and Wedding Accessories by Secrets in Lace

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Congratulations, you are getting married! Now it’s time to start planning your big day. Planning your wedding day can be hectic and chaotic, but overall a time you’ll reminisce on. That is why you need to take care of the little details now before you forget about them. The little details are going to be your accessories, the piece that helps you look and feel slim, and maybe even a petticoat.


Sheer Glove Over Elbow by Secrets in Lace

This sheer pair is for the bride who loves the classic look of gloves! The Sheer Glove Over Elbow are made to make special occasions even more glamorous, and what day is more special than your wedding? The style and length of these gloves will make you feel like a classy woman. The mix of nylon and spandex provide a comfortable fit. Wear this on your fairytale wedding to complete the magical day!


Chiffon Petticoat

Speaking of petticoats, these are for the bride who needs the extra poof to get volume out of your dress. The Chiffon Petticoat is made to provide any skirt complete fullness! Made from 40 yards of chiffon and trimmed in 120 yards of ruffles, this will really make your princess dress even fluffier. The length of the piece is wonderful for a bride wearing a tea length dress, but will also create stunning drama under a full length gown.


Open Bottom Girdle

Here is a piece made to help smooth out your silhouette. The Open Bottom Girdle comes in a wide array of sizes and is easy to wear. This piece will give reliable shape! Designed with firm control shapette powernet fabric and contour bands around the hips, waist, and back, helping you achieve that hourglass figure. This girdle also comes with garter straps, so feel free to wear a pair of your favorite stockings as well.


Sheer Glove Wrist by Secrets in Lace

The sheer wrist length gloves are just an adorable addition to anyone’s accessory collection, and will look especially amazing on your wedding day. The short gloves are sheer enough so that you can show off your manicure and wedding jewelry. The soft white fabric will highlight all the flowers in your bouquet when you take photos as you’re walking down the aisle. The length and style of these gloves are also wonderful for a bride with retro tastes!  Even after the wedding you can wear these to reminisce on your special day and feel just as beautiful all over again.

Make sure you don’t forget about the little things you want in your wedding. Worrying about the little details beforehand will let you just enjoy the moments and the time you’ll spend with close family and friends.

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