Gingham: New Lingerie Arrivals at Secrets in Lace

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Warm weather is here and with it comes our latest lingerie collection: gingham! Gingham is a classic summer fabric that was riotously popular during the 1940’s and 1950’s.

We were inspired by vintage pieces in our archives to produce our own gingham collection, where we combined our classic bullet bra pattern with this timeless fabric. These sets are available in both red and black gingham, and can be matched with vintage style panties from our collection as well. We’ve even added a ruffled detail to the back of panties for that extra vintage touch!

Red Gingham Bullet Bra by Secrets in Lace

Black Gingham Bullet Bra by Secrets in Lace

Red Gingham Panty by Secrets in Lace

Black Gingham Panty by Secrets in Lace


This collection is a summer classic, so get it today before it sells out!… Read more

Spring Stockings by Secrets in Lace!

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We know how much you love stockings, so today we’re showcasing some of our favorite warm weather and colorful stockings to go with that new spring lingerie that we talked about last week. All of these stockings provide that smooth and sultry look without creating extra warmth in hot weather! As usual, there’s one for every occasion and style.


Signature RHT by Secrets in Lace

Our Signature RHT comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfect when you want to add an accent color to your favorite outfit. We love these in bold pastels for summer evenings and first dates.… Read more

Spring Lingerie for Curvy Women by Secrets in Lace

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It’s that time of year: you know, the one when you buy new lingerie! There are a wide array of pieces that Secrets in Lace provides that go above a XL. Many of our pieces go up to 4XL, which means there’s something for everyone here this spring.


SIL Retro Full Panty

The SIL Retro Full Panty is delicate and elegant. This piece comes in a wide range of colors, but the perfect colors for spring are the lilac, pink and yellow versions. These lovely colors make this stunning satin panty even more amazing. This piece goes well with just about any bra and garter belt that SIL makes, but goes especially well with the Retro Bullet Bra.… Read more

Bridal Stockings At Secrets in Lace!

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What you wear under your dress is just as important as the accessories wear over it. This week we are highlighting some of our most unique stockings. Stockings can help you express your personality, make your legs look even better, and just make you feel elegant. These stockings may help you do all three.

Veronica Thigh High by Secrets in Lace


Let’s start off with the most wearable and subtle piece. The Veronica Thigh Hi is perfect for any woman looking for flawless legs, and the best part you don’t even have to invest in a garter belt! Even though garter belts are amazing pieces of lingerie and shapewear, they can create texture under your dress if you do not have a big dress.… Read more