Bridal Stockings At Secrets in Lace!

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What you wear under your dress is just as important as the accessories wear over it. This week we are highlighting some of our most unique stockings. Stockings can help you express your personality, make your legs look even better, and just make you feel elegant. These stockings may help you do all three.

Veronica Thigh High by Secrets in Lace


Let’s start off with the most wearable and subtle piece. The Veronica Thigh Hi is perfect for any woman looking for flawless legs, and the best part you don’t even have to invest in a garter belt! Even though garter belts are amazing pieces of lingerie and shapewear, they can create texture under your dress if you do not have a big dress. The thick layer of lace is not only for decoration, but to help keep your stockings in place. These stockings are easy to wear and are great for all occasions.

Glimmer RHT by Secrets in Lace

Want a beautiful shine on your legs as you walk down the aisle? The Glimmer RHT in ivory may just be the perfect stockings for you. Ivory will match with your white dress and the sheen on this piece is subtle but noticeable glimmer. This stocking has our soft finish and our world  famous Secrets in Lace logo imprinted on the welt as well.

Dita Glamour RHT by Secrets in Lace

Feel like Dita Von Teese on your wedding day when you slip on this Secrets in Lace exclusive collaboration piece. The Dita Glamour RHT is simple, yet stunning. This glamorous reinforced heel and toe stocking is designed with a black welt adorned with Dita’s personal logo. The beige legs are made from yarn specially treat with super soft finish and shine.  If you love Dita Von Teese as much as we do, you’ll love to wear these on your big day!

Premier Spanish Heel Stocking by Secrets in Lace

Are you a lover of spring and all things pastel? The Premier Spanish Heel now comes in the most beautiful array of colors! From lilac to mint green, you will just love showing off your legs with these on them. The Premier stockings have a Tone on Tone seam and leg color to give the piece a coherent appearance. These are wonderful for the bride with a loud personality and unique taste. Match your stockings with your wedding colors, or just wear your favorite colors on your legs!

Elegance French Heel Stocking by Secrets in Lace

Sometimes you can’t beat the classic look of a black back seam. The Elegance French Heel is just as the name states elegant. This simple stocking is fashioned to replicate all the features of a true 1950’s Full Fashion Stocking. These details include a sewn back seam, keyhole detail at the top of the welt, and a fully knit heel and toe reinforcement. This piece is identical to our 9500 style except for the back seam being placed against a beige, copper, or grey stocking.

Stockings can be just as expressive as the jewelry you wear and just as functional as the shapewear underneath the dress.

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