Bullet Bra 101: What Are They and Why Wear Them?

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While bullet bras were once required under every blouse and sweater, they now may be more associated with Madonna than with the golden era of Hollywood. We’re aiming to bring bullet bras back: that pointy profile under a sweater is always flattering. Our bras create that bullet profile with authentic circle stitching but are also soft and easy to wear. Each bullet bra is wireless and provides great lifting and shaping.

If you are a lover of true vintage clothing, you may find that some dresses and blouses just don’t seem to sit right in a modern bra. Mostly likely, they were built to be worn with a bullet bra underneath! Try one out and see what an amazing difference it makes under your one of a kind pieces.

Gingham Bullet Bra

Our Gingham Bullet Bra is what pinup dreams are made of! Wear this under your vintage sundresses, summer blouses and more.

Leopard Satin Bullet Bra

We adore leopard print, so we obviously had to bring out our favorite satin bullet bra in this timeless animal print! Pair it with our other leopard pieces for the ultimate vintage siren look.

Satin Bullet Bra

If you’ve never tried bullet bras before, this or our Coquette Satin Bullet bra make great starter pieces, as well as a great base for a boudoir photoshoot or pinup photo session.

Retro Bullet Bra

Our Retro Bullet Bra comes in lots of colors, so you can mix and match with the rest of your lingerie pieces! We love the contrast straps and band for a modern color blocked look.

Coquette Satin Bullet Bra

Another great starter bullet bra for those of you who are new to the style.This bra is soft, comfortable and wirefree!

Coquette Sheer Bullet Bra

Our Sheer Bullet Bra is a little daring! We love this sheer look: who says that vintage inspired lingerie can’t be sexy?

Bullet Bra Pads

Occasionally, you may find it hard to fill out your bullet bra as much as you’d like. If you would like some help (or just a more pronounced shape) try our Bullet Bra Pads. They fit multiple cup sizes and work perfectly with all of our bullet bras.

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