Colorful Stockings for Fall at Secrets in Lace

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We’ve seen lots of you wearing colorful stockings this summer, but what happens as autumn approaches? While grey and black will always be classic stocking colors, we want to encourage you to still think about adding pops of color into your fall outfits with your stockings selection!


Premier French Heel in Copper

Copper colored stockings are an unexpected twist on the tried and true neutral colors that tend to pop up during cooler weather. These give your legs a bit of a burnished sheen but aren’t so crazy that you can’t wear them to the office.

Banbury French Heel

Pink – for autumn! Yes, pink is still here. We love pink and black as a classic combination, and a hint of pink can be a great way to add some fun to an all black cold weather outfit.

Radiance Full Fashion in Silver

Silver stockings pair wonderfully with lots of neutral colored clothing, but also work well for parties and more fun occasions.

Metallic Seamed Full Fashion

When party season does arrive, we have you covered with our Metallic Seamed Full Fashion Stockings. These will give you either a sparkly red or gold backseam to match your outfit, so you can make a statement from head to toe.

Metallic Seamed Full Fashion

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