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Beautiful Loungewear Looks For Dark and Cold Winter Nights

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Temperatures are starting to drop and the holiday season is creeping up on us once again. While stores are already filled with Christmas decorations and you may be stressing about gift shopping already – we prefer to enjoy the coziness and relaxation of the fall and winter seasons. After all, there’s something wonderful and heart-warming about being able to curl up with someone special and enjoy a relaxing night. Today, we’re showing off the best loungewear to enjoy these times in – from glamorous camisoles to robes and pajama sets, there’s something for every one and every style.

We’re excited to show off new arrivals from our Dominique Collection, now your favorite styles are available in new color combinations.… Read more

Your Favorite Starlets Behind The Scenes!

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Profiling vintage starlets is something that we love to do for a multitude of reasons – they had killer style, interesting and engaging careers, and let’s be honest, they weren’t too hard on the eyes! But outside of their beauty and allure, all of these women were real people. Today we’re keeping it real by profiling some of our favorites by showing them during a candid moment, to remind us that even though they may have been the epitome of glitz and glamour they weren’t superheroes, and just like you and me, they put their stockings on one leg at a time.… Read more

Pamper Yourself in our Favorite Satin Lingerie!

Who doesn’t love being surrounded by soft and luxurious fabric? One of the best things about quality lingerie is not just the beautiful designs and sexy appeal, but also having them made out of fabrics that you’ll love feeling against your skin all day long. Today, we’re featuring some of our most loved satin-like garments. From panties to bullet bras, and all of your favorite loungewear, these items are made for pampering and treating yourself like a queen!

We’ll start out with the basics, because who doesn’t need panties? Our Retro Satin Panties come in six great colors–you can almost have a different pair for every day!… Read more

Starlet of the Week: Burlesque Superstar Immodesty Blaize

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While we normally profile vintage starlets–those iconic movie stars from the past, often times there are still modern day ladies that just catch our attention and we can’t seem to let go! This week, we’re profiling Immodesty Blaize, the famous burlesque performer who has held the attention of audiences across the world. Keep reading to learn about the British-born performer’s background, some of her most notable performances, as well as those jaw-dropping pictures and fashions we love about the burlesque world!

 Originally born to the name Kelly Fletcher in England, this young woman grew up greatly influenced by her Russian and Irish heritage and looked up to other strong females in the industry such as Grace Jones.… Read more

Vintage Starlets Catching Some Rest: See Why We Love Glamorous Loungewear!

Yesterday, we debuted our beautiful Floral Printed Kimono on the website. Our followers had a sneak peak of this beauty during Lingerie Fashion Week, but we are so excited to finally be able to offer it to purchase from the site! So far it’s, been a hit, and it got us thinking about how our favorite vintage stars may have lounged around as well. After all, many of these starlets pioneered the styles that we love today! Keep reading today’s blog to see some of our favorite starlets in their fabulous loungewear, then you can head on over to our website and check out our other robes and lounging gowns so you can look the part too!… Read more

The French Postcard: From Banned Material, To Beautiful Art!

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We love looking back at vintage inspired art, fashion, photography, cinema, and much more. And this week, we’re profiling the very popular French postcards. For those that have not heard of them before, we’re sure you’ll have an appreciation for the images. In the 20th century, people started pushing the boundaries on what was acceptable and what was not. While we love things like pin-up art, boudoir and burlesque shows, there was a time when simply showing your garter straps was unheard of.

Erotic photography dates back to the 1800’s, but for the purpose of this blog we’re focusing on the influence the French had on the movement.… Read more

Packing for Vacation? Be Sure To Check Our List Lingerie Must Haves!

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Memorial Day Weekend is coming up, not only a wonderful time to remember and give thanks to all those that have served in the armed forces, but also enjoying a day off with family, friends, and loved ones. Many see Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start to summer, and we couldn’t agree more! Whether you have a big vacation coming up, or a couple short weekend getaways, summer is our favorite time to kick back and relax.  But how do you pack all of your favorite lingerie without overflowing your suitcase? Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite mix and match options so you can be assured that you’ll have a fabulous lingerie wardrobe even when you travel.… Read more

Sexy Slips for Valentine’s Day with Secrets in Lace

It’s not too late to start your shopping for Valentine’s Day–on today’s blog we’re going to share some great pieces for you to show off to your significant other on this romantic holiday. We have tons of options for all of your style preferences, so whether you’re a true romantic, show-stopper, girly-girl, or just vintage obsessed, there is definitely a glam look for everyone out there this Valentine’s Day!   If you’re looking for something classic and romantic, check out our wonderful selection of slips.

Dominique Slip in Red

The Dominique Full Slip is a piece that work for you for years to come, this is a look that will never be out of style!… Read more

Ring in the New Year with Some Classic Products from Secrets In Lace!

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Christmas and Hanukkah have passed, next stop– New Years! This one night becomes extra special as we get to say goodbye to 2014, and get excited for what 2015 has to bring. Now if you thought holiday parties were fun, they’re usually just a warm-up for sparkling and star studded New Year’s bashes. Whether you’ll be watching the ball drop in Times Square, at a friend’s party, hitting the town, or enjoying the night quietly by yourself, there’s undergarments, accessories, and loungewear to help you do it all in style.

One of our favorite garments, especially for parties, is our selection of crinolines and petticoats.… Read more

A Last Minute Gift List From Secrets In Lace!

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Procrastinators listen up! It’s not too late to start your holiday shopping! Even though holidays like Christmas are less than two weeks away, you could still have time to get your gift delivered in time for the 25th. And we bet even if it’s a few days late that your recipient will still be more than happy to open something. This week, we’re focusing on some of our most loved sets that you can gift to the special person in your life. Check out these three fabulous options below.

Our Bettie Page sets are a longstanding favorite of our customers. And there’s no better way to make a statement like Bettie would than in the Bettie Leopard sets.… Read more