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Keeping The Romance Alive With Our Exclusive Accessories, Outerwear, And Loungewear!

Don’t you just love Fall? It’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and have some fun with layering, and new fashion trends for the season. While some of us may be sad to see the warmer days behind us, there’s still plenty to get excited about for the upcoming months. Today, we’re featuring some of our outerwear, accessories, and loungewear that are perfect for lounging around on cool evenings, or getting ready to step out in style for a night on the town. Keep reading to see our favorite picks for Fall!

Crinolines and Petticoats are so much fun to work into your wardrobe.… Read more

Great New Lingerie Styles For Fall

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With the start of school, the temperatures getting a little cooler, and Labor Day weekend just around the corner, we know that Fall is on it’s way! The start of the new season may mean something a little different for everyone but we all know that means new fall fashion styles are on their way. If you’ve been keeping up with us on Facebook you’ll see that we’re bringing in some sexy new arrivals, and today on the blog we’re going to feature those specifically, as well as work them into some great complete lingerie outfits.


Our Secrets in Lace Retro Full Panty is one of our tried and true favorites, and we’ve recently added some fabulous new colors for Fall.… Read more

Celebrate spring with our fashionable new arrivals!

We are so excited to be getting so many of our new spring arrivals in, and in addition to our amazing new lingerie pieces, we have also expanded our outerwear as well. After all, a true lover of vintage fashion usually wants to be able to work it into all aspects of their wardrobe, not just lingerie. Today, we’re creating the perfect outfit that you can seamlessly transition from the office to date night.

As with any outfit, you’ll need to start with the right lingerie. We chose our new Elizabeth Open Bottom Girdle in the striking black color. The side zipper makes this a user-friendly piece of lingerie to get on and off, and will help transform your torso into that perfectly shaped hourglass figure.… Read more

Animal Prints by Secrets in Lace!

Ever want to let out your wild side? One of the wonderful things about fashion is being able to have a whole new attitude just based off of what you’re wearing. As you probably know, at Secrets in Lace we pride ourselves in being able to bring you some of the most glamorous and nostalgic undergarments from vintage fashion. However we love being able to put a modern spin on things too! Mixed in with our classic pieces like stockings, garter belts, and bullet bras, you’ll find a little more on the primal side…unleash your inner animal with some of these fun animal print garments!… Read more

New Arrivals from Secrets in Lace!

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With Christmas, New Years, and now Valentine’s behind us, it’s about time to start thinking, “Okay is it Spring yet?” It got us reminiscing on warmer months and a whole different style. While we may still have a ways to go until we can really call it “Springtime” again, luckily in the world of lingerie it’s always heating up. So this week we’re featuring some of our all time favorite sheer products! What better way to break the mold from this long winter than by slipping into something sheer and fabulous?

 The Lolita Set is one of our newer items, and as it says in the description, “Sheer Seduction is all you need to know”!… Read more

3 Ways To Incorporate More Vintage Style Into Your Wardrobe

Today we’re focusing on vintage style and why certain garments or accessories that are considered “vintage” are still just as fashionable today as they were 50 years ago! And not to sound like a broken record on our blog here, but the beauty of vintage fashion is that unlike a crop top or ripped skinny jeans, trends like these are classic and timeless. Surely an investment that will last you for years to come and will help you give off the womanly and ladylike vibe that comes along with vintage fashion. Enjoy checking out some photos from some of our favorites, and then you can also enjoy wearing them yourself!… Read more

New Year’s Eve Style With Secrets In Lace

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, but they’re not over yet! Believe it or not, 2014 is right around the corner and we’re showing you how to ring in the new year in the greatest styles. Below are some of our favorite options to help you shine, whether that’s for a New Year’s party, or just for fulfilling any fashion related New Year’s Resolutions–vintage style is easy to incorporate.

First, we recommend working in the basics to your outfit. Stockings and a garter belt give you a foundation for a glamorous and classy outfit. If you’re going somewhere special you can choose from some of our more dressed up stockings like the Shiny Seamed Full Fashioned pair for some added glimmer.… Read more

Holiday Gifts from Secrets In Lace!

If you’ve been on our site lately, hopefully you’ve seen our reminders of when to order by to ensure delivery by Christmas Eve. The thought that you’re putting into gift buying is certainly important, but if your special lady doesn’t have anything to open on Christmas morning…you could be in trouble! The dates are listed on the bottom of today’s blog as a reminder, but in the mean time we’ve created a gift guide to help those of you who are shopping for someone else. Whether you want to help her stock up on her favorite basics, or treat her to something extra special, Secrets in Lace is your go-to for all this vintage, classy, and fabulous.… Read more

This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful For Vintage Fashion!

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, it can be very easy to skip straight to the shopping, decorating, and cooking aspects of the season. Often times the entire meaning of the day is lost or forgotten. Not this year! We’re making sure to take the week of Thanksgiving this year to remind ourselves, and our wonderful customers of some reasons to be thankful for the style of vintage glamour. Having our products and mission revolve around this idea, it’s always good to step back and remind ourselves why this is so important to us, and to you. So, in honor of Thanksgiving and remembering the emotion behind holidays, here are three great reasons to be thankful that vintage fashion is still alive and well!… Read more

How to Put Together a Complete Outfit – Secrets In Lace Style!

For today’s lesson, we’re teaching you how to put together an entire outfit. It may sound like an easy task, but when you think about how many great products are offered, and the subtle differences between them, it can become pretty daunting picking and choosing which pieces go together. First we’ll show a daytime outfit, followed by some simple changes you can swap out for night time.

Starting with a good foundation of undergarments is key. Since you can’t go wrong with a classic, start off with our Signature RHT stockings–we chose the ivory leg/brown welt color combo since we’re sticking with neutrals for the rest of the outfit.… Read more